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Here’s the Secret to Beautiful Small Apartment Living

Here’s the Secret to Beautiful Small Apartment Living

And five other design tips you might have missed this month

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on February 25th 2019
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Sure, living in a tiny apartment is hardly ideal, but that’s no excuse to scrimp on style. From the small spaces featured on the site, we’ve learned that a petite home can exude charm and fancy, regardless of its measurements. And now thanks to Yolanda Yuste at YLAB Arquitectos, we know exactly how to ensure beautiful small apartment living for ourselves. Keep reading to discover the secret, as well as five other design tips you might have missed this month.

Design Tip #1

When designing for a small apartment, it’s best to keep the material palette as simple as possible

Small Apartment Living: Bright minimalist bedroom with neutral accents designed by YLAB Arquitectos |
image source

Remember that old design mantra, ‘less is more’? Well that applies twofold when dealing with small space living. “Keep it very simple!’ says designer Yolanda Yuste. “I think that helps a lot, especially for a small space, not to add too many different materials but to limit yourself.” In this 90 square meter Barcelona apartment we featured earlier this month, the material palette is limited to a good oak veneer, local Spanish sandstone, and a beautiful yet durable white lacquer. The restraint ensures cohesion throughout, cheating the illusion of a bigger space.


See more of the Argentona Apartment HERE.

Design Tip #2

Add drama to an all-white kitchen with a statement backsplash

Small Apartment Living: Bright white kitchen with statement blue subway tile backsplash by LLI Design |
image source

An all-white aesthetic will forever and always be in style, but if this year’s foray into maximalism is giving you second thoughts about your neutral kitchen, LLI Design has the perfect solution for you: the statement backsplash. We’ve long been fans of the backsplash as an effective yet affordable design option for bringing a touch of drama to your kitchen design. We think LLI Design has perfected the look in this London townhouse. Rich blue subway tiles add depth to the contemporary kitchen-diner, while the glossy finish is impeccably in tune with the chic and polish of the overall home.


Head HERE to catch the full tour.

Design Tip #3

Neutral doesn’t always mean white

Small Apartment Living: Warm neutral living room featuring Dulux's 'Color of the Year', Spiced Honey |
image source

When it comes to implementing a neutral color palette, it’s always tempting to center the bulk of the look around all things white. However, thanks to Dulux, neutral-lovers the world over now have a new option: Spiced Honey. A warm taupe with rich caramel undertones, the hue is endlessly versatile. From intense charcoal to bold burgundy, Spiced Honey is a fantastic grounding option to pair with stronger tones. Otherwise, opt for metallic accents and distressed leather for a refreshing take on the neutral theme.


Learn more about Spiced Honey HERE.

Design Tip #4

Make the most of family living with an open floor plan

Small Apartment Living: Cozy family-friendly living room design with L-shaped sofa and pink accents |
image source

Although most of our stories are borne from a desire to make your home look good, we mustn’t forget that interior design can have an impact far beyond aesthetics. Indeed, the way you choose to decorate your abode can affect the way you live your life. Take the average family home for instance, wherein a tweak of the floor plan could facilitate a livelier, more social way of family living. As designer Emma Sims-Hilditch notes, an open floor plan naturally allows for, even encourages, the family to spend time together. Though there are perhaps other ways to ensure quality family time, this tip is worth bearing in mind if you have plans for a remodel in the works.


For more tips on how to create a family-friendly home, read THIS.

Design Tip #5

For a hallway short on space, look to hanging pendant lights to make a statement

Small Apartment Living: Hallway with statement hanging pendant light cluster designed by Feldman Architecture |
image source

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the hallway is the hardest room in the home to style. Typically compact in size, how do you effectively style the space without overwhelming it? The answer, it seems, lies in the hanging pendant light. This month, both Feldman Architecture and LLI Design transformed the humble hallway into a design statement through the use of some seriously lust-worthy lighting options. In both cases, said lighting was hung from the top floor ceiling, filling the abundance of vertical space found in most hallways. Drawing the eye upwards, this trick creates the illusion of space whilst allowing for a cohesive visual identity throughout the different levels of the home.


Head HERE for the full Noe Valley tour.

Design Tip #6

Turn to drawer dividers and open shelves for ‘gram-worthy closet organization

Small Apartment Living: Walk-in wardrobe with screen divider |
image source

With Marie Kondo fever still in the air, the cleaning spree continues. You may have thrown out those clothing items which no longer spark joy, but how do you organize the ones that made it? Why with open shelves and drawer dividers galore of course! Don’t forget the storage baskets too!


Head HERE for more closet organization tips.

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