Small Apartment Renovation Just Like Scones, According to Baker |
Small Apartment Renovation Just Like Scones, According to Baker

Small Apartment Renovation Just Like Scones, According to Baker

Simple, clean and unadorned with dedication to the ingredients

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on March 24th 2018
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“A Sweet Gift with Taste of Scones”


For people who say they don’t love scones, it’s that they’ve never eaten good scones, says homeowner and baker Meio. When looking to renovate their 49.57 square meter (533 square foot) Taiwan apartment, it was important to make the home work in balance for Meio and her partner. Just like a small apartment doesn’t seem livable, being able to enjoy your space is all down to having good design to make it work.


They weighed up the ingredients, or rather their requirements for the space, along with interior design studio A Lentil Design. Much like a good scone recipe, the elements came together for their home; it’s a warm, balanced space that goes perfectly with a cup of tea.

Open plan kitchen doubles as a bakery studio for classes |

As a baker, Meio recognized that the old kitchen didn’t work for her. It was small, the storage wasn’t suitable for all that equipment and there was not enough workspace. What she wanted was a dream kitchen that she could use as a baking studio, to teach others and share her passion for food. With their renovation, the kitchen has been transformed to provide enough space for dining, eating together and importantly: baking.

Blackboard and spruce timber paneling in open plan kitchen |

By doubling up as a studio space to teach baking lessons, the kitchen fulfills Meio’s dream to share her love of baking. She paid special care to choose the right colors, storage height, choice of materials and lighting.


The back wall was painted with Flugger blackboard paint, which Meio uses to draw up recipe ideas and pictures. She loves to get creative with designs and show students methodology. The additional kitchen countertop space was important too. Overall, the juxtaposition between the dark chalkboard and warm white spruce timber wainscot paneling creates balance. They chose these colors to make it easier to accessorize the room, providing a neutral base for decorations and flavor.

Blackboard wall juxtaposed with white spruce timber paneling in open plan kitchen, Taiwan |
Open plan kitchen that doubles as a baking studio |

Storage is so important

Next to the sink is a storage wall for equipment, integrating the prettiest pieces and Meio’s passion for baking into her decor. With things right to hand, she saves time in her baking studio.


There are three other walls like this throughout the apartment, with holes for changeable hooks, to be used in many arrangements. You’ll also see to the end of the kitchen is the living room, a cozy corner for relaxation.

Open plan living room and kitchen in Taiwan, from A Lentil Design |
Living room featuring yellow sofa and crittall windows |

For Meio’s partner, a musician and engineer, there’s space to pursue his hobbies too. Sliding Crittall Windows separate the communal living area from the private study space and bedroom.

Study zone features yellow and blue color theme |

The design brief for the home office was to have a private but also flexible room for study. The space takes in plenty of light from the dividing windows, that can also slide open to connect the area together.


Additionally, it was important that this room be used to create plenty of storage. Hidden between the bookshelves, a door with one of those hook-hanging systems is creatively backlit. The decor for the room is playful and colorful, with pops of yellow and a mix of plants.

Studio and study space with blue and yellow color scheme |
Steel frame sliding windows divide the study and living room |
Living room with sliding steel glass windows to create study quiet zone |
Blue and yellow themed bedroom in Taiwan |

Color Combo

Maybe you’ve already noticed but there is a repeating blue and yellow color theme in this home. The home owners really like these colors and wanted a cohesive and repeating theme throughout the apartment.


Want to see more ways that blue and yellow go together? Check out Casa Robles which uses these colors in perfect harmony.

Open plan living room with sliding windows to divide the study space |
Open plan living room and kitchen |
Open plan living room with sliding windows to divide the study space |
Kitchen doubles as a bakery studio |
Blackboard wall in the kitchen with spruce wood paneling |

The home owners love their new apartment, with Meio explaining “I feel very happy that I can do my favorite thing in such a beautiful space, to enjoy sunlight standing in front of the chalkboard.”


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