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Our Favorite Small Space Furniture Design for Tiny Apartments

Our Favorite Small Space Furniture Design for Tiny Apartments

All you need is a wall!

Asma Khan
Written by –
Asma Khan
on October 26th 2018

There is no doubt dwellers of small living spaces will attest to a bitter truth – the universal struggle to store all your things without cluttering your apartment. However, we have breaking news in the realm of small space living. It actually is possible to make your tiny apartment both aesthetically and functionally appealing. All it takes is some clever small space furniture design. Keep scrolling to see more.

Small Space Furniture Design

Push The Button

We all like furniture that is interactive – mainly because it resembles our smartphones. And Kollen Design’s ‘Tryk’ wall hanger is about as interactive as they come.

Small Space Furniture Design: Kollen Design's 'Tryk' interactive Wall Hanger with protruding circular pegs |

Press any of the buttons on this wall hanger to enable a protruding circular ‘peg’ on which you can hang all manner of bags, clothing and more. It comes in a white wood lacquer with cylindrical beech wood buttons. These neutral tones point to the Nordic style of decor, which was a key inspiration for the Kollen Design team. What a great (and functional) way to bring life to a boring wall!

Small Space Furniture Design: Space Saving interactive 'Tryk' Wall Hanger by Kollen Design |

It also acts as a petite shelf for essentials like keys, wallets or phones. To make it pop, add your favorite plant or a pretty framed picture. The best part is you can customize this hanger as you need!

Cabin Fever

You either have your own business or you’re a digital nomad who is “always on”. There’s a lack of space so you keep shifting around your house trying to find a spot. Here’s the perfect escape.

Small Space Furniture Design: Sekretar Flatmate Compact Workstation by Michael Hilgers |

The Sekretar Flatmate Compact Workstation designed by Michael Hilgers is a versatile home office. A place for you to store all your work-related things and have your laptop ready to use at all times. It’s so compact – all you need is a small space next to a wall in your hallway, bedroom or living room. I especially love how it folds away into a chic minimal cabinet!

Sleep On It

Inspired by a cheerleading pose, the YEH wall table by Kenyon Yeh bends at a sector to rest against the wall on its two-legs. The look and feel of the plain steel surface is a bonus for minimalists.

Small Space Furniture Design: Chic white minimalist bedside wall table by Kenyon Yeh |

I would place it in my bedroom, where I can put a table lamp, a glass of water, a book and even my smartphone. Or make like Yeh and place it in a compact hallway.

Unfold and Place

Pop them all open if you will. Bookshelf 17 by Daao Concepts is a statement built-in wall storage unit for you to store your favorite books and decorative accessories.

Small Space Furniture Design: Custom multi-functional shelf unit by Daao Concepts |

It doesn’t take up too much space in your living room – just one wall. Complete with a series of magnetic folding shelves, this compact piece is designed to be used only when necessary. If you like, you can even let down one row of shelves to function as a small office space!

Hang In There

In small space living, we often don’t have the luxury of space to store extra seating. But what are we to do when we have guests over? Well, enter the PICK Chair by Dror Benshetrit!

Small Space Furniture Design: Decorative pink wall art turned chair by Dror Benshetrit |

What’s great about the PICK chair is that it doubles as a work of art. This 3D chair can seamlessly morph into a 2D artwork. I’ve never thought of wall decor this way before!

Small Space Furniture Design: Decorative wood wall art turned contemporary minimal chair by Dror Benshetrit |

It’s made up of four panels which you can have designed with your favorite artwork. To transform your new wall decor into seating, ‘pick’ your chair and unfold – the movable joints will discreetly click into place.

Searching for more small space furniture design to fill that empty wall at home? Take a look at this multi-functional music wall for inspiration!


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