Discover How to Make the Most of Small Space Living |
Discover How to Make the Most of Small Space Living

Discover How to Make the Most of Small Space Living

And five other design tips you might have missed this month!

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on March 30th 2018
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As many city dwellers will know, it can sometimes be difficult to create a home you love when all you have to your name is a tiny studio apartment. But we’re here to prove that it can be done – all it takes is a little bit of creativity and some strategically placed steel framed windows. Read on to discover how to make the most of small space living, and five more design tips you might have missed this month.

Design Tip #1

Utilize flexibility to make the most of small space living

Taiwanese apartment with steel frame crittal windows and flexible storage masters the art of small space living |
image source

Most people tend to think that minimalism is the key to small space living, but we’re here to tell you that the secret actually lies in prioritizing flexibility. Whether it’s a sliding steel frame window to transform an open space into private quarters, or storage peg board walls for interchangeable hooks, the freedom of choice will make it feel like your abode has endless rooms to play with.


Check out this home tour by A Lentil Design for more flexible design inspo.

Design Tip #2

For French-inspired luxury, go vintage

Design Tips: For French-inspired luxury, go vintage |
image source

Synonymous with sophistication and style, the French somehow manage to make everything look good. And interiors are no exception. To get the look, decorating with vintage is a must. Not only are vintage furniture pieces beautiful in their own right, but incorporating them into the living room can instantly add that ineffable ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your space.


Head to our guide to achieving classic French style interiors for more.

Design Tip #3

Use your bookshelf to store more than just books

Design Tips: Use your bookshelf to store more than books |
image source

A bookshelf can be used for much more than storing books, as seen in this Simone Haag designed living room. Here, an assortment of artwork, flowers and other treasured trinkets sit alongside books in order to make the bookshelf a focal point in itself. Struggling for ideas of what to fill your bookshelf with?


Check out our round up of Etsy ceramic stores for instant tchotchke inspo.

Design Tip #4

Experiment with color to create a good first impression

Design Tips: Experiment with a colorful front door to make a good first impression |
image source

First impressions count, and that goes for homes as well as people. This month, in our round up of the prettiest front doors on Instagram, we discovered that the best way to win fans from the get go is to experiment with color. Whether you have a classic brick-front facade, or a sleek all-white exterior, a colorful door is guaranteed to add personality to your abode. Say hello to instant design finesse.


Take a stroll through the streets with this article of the prettiest front doors on Instagram.

Design Tip #5

Hide storage in plain sight with the help of mirrors

Design Tips: Hide unsightly storage cupboards with a mirrored door |
image source

Storage space is something everyone always want more of, but marrying it with aesthetic style is a catch 22 most of us are unwilling to tackle, no matter how much clutter is piling up in our front hallway. Luckily for us this month, we discovered a nifty trick to hide away unsightly cupboards thanks to this Turkish home tour. In this family home, storage space is hidden behind mirrors and tinted glass to create a clean streamlined look. The mirrors also work to give the impression of more light and space in the narrow hallway! That’s what we call a win-win.


See how Gonye Proje Tasarim have made storage beautiful and seamless in their Nidapark home tour project.

Design Tip #6

Mix and match design styles for a truly unique look of your own

Design Tips: Mix rustic farmhouse with contemporary cool for a stylishly unique white kitchen |
image source

When it comes to designing our homes, we’re often told to stick to one design style per room… but where’s the fun in that? Sure, adhering to one theme makes for a cohesive overall look, but merging aesthetics results in something altogether more unique. Take this serene white kitchen we shared as last week’s featured render as a case in point.


In another fitting example of mix and match heaven, a rustic farmhouse meets contemporary chic in the open-plan kitchen of our dreams.

Looking for even more design tips? Then head to our Tips & Guides category where we’ve covered everything from how to install an interior door to how to spring clean your home. You can thank us later!



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