Smart Home Lighting Ideas to Revamp Your Space |
How to Use Smart Lighting to Revamp Your Space

How to Use Smart Lighting to Revamp Your Space

Give your home a new lease of light

Written by –
Kayla Matthews
on August 26th 2018
Kayla Matthews is a senior productivity and tech writer for MakeUseOf and Productivity Bytes, with an interest in smart home technology. She loves spending her weekends with her husband, working out and eating delicious food around Pittsburgh!

In traditional design, lighting has typically been influenced by the style and presentation of a space. Bright, open lighting for clean minimalist aesthetics for instance, and darker, intense hues for a cozier, more dramatic look. Modern smart home technology however presents a new consideration — smart lighting. Now, the practical features of your lighting demand as much thought as its visuals.

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What is Smart Lighting?

For the uninitiated, smart lights are usually Wi-Fi-ready, meaning they can sync up with a local network. This enables users to control the lights via their smartphone, a remote or even voice-assistant-enabled device. The best thing about smart lighting though has to be the extra features that come along with it. Some smart lights, for example, can change hues at will, cycling through hundreds — if not thousands — of different colors. Others can be dimmed to make a space moody, or programmed to a schedule, turning on — or off — automatically.

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Smart Home Lighting Ideas

These additional functions introduce great potential for fresh and innovative smart home lighting ideas. Naturally, some scenarios work better than others, so it helps to understand the technology if you’re looking for an ideal setup. To help with that, here are a few of my favorite ways to use smart lighting to revamp a room or space.

Injecting Color

Philips Hue

One of the beautiful things about smart bulbs is that you can program them to display various hues. Perfect for injecting a little color into your home!

Smart Home Lighting Ideas: Colorful Philips Hue Smart Table Lamp in family hallway |
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The Philips Hue brand offers 16 million color variations and styles. You can even sync the bulbs with music, movies and games, so they react to a rhythm or sound effects. Imagine your room illuminated in warm blues during an ocean scene, or vivid reds and yellows during a sunset. The smart functionality also means you can change colors via a mobile app anytime. How convenient!


Head HERE to shop the Philips Smart Table Lamp.

To Change the Mood Of a Space

LIFX Gen 3

In my opinion, one of smart lighting’s best features is its flexibility.

Smart Home Lighting Ideas: Urban industrial loft living room with leather sofa and LIFX light feature |
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Many smart lighting options, such as the LIFX bulbs, come with the option to create mood-like schedules and patterns, helping you to instantly change up the mood of a space at the touch of a button. For movie night, why not dim the lights to create a cinematic theater vibe? Or for dinner parties, opt for a setting which radiates a warm, welcoming glow. The options are limitless!


Shop the LIFX Bulbs HERE.

To Highlight a Design Accent

Smart Light Strips

Using lighting as a design accent itself is nothing new, but now that you can get pliable smart lighting in all manners of shapes and sizes, how about using lighting to highlight a design accent?

Smart Home Lighting Ideas: Bright contemporary living room with tropical decor and pink smart strip lighting accents |

When placed behind a TV, a piece of furniture or even under the bottom of a counter, smart lighting strips can completely change the look of a room. Many of the smart bulb manufacturers and brands sell smart light strips. You can also find budget-friendly variants at places like IKEA or Wal-Mart.


Shop for Smart Light Strips HERE.

For Outdoor Security

Arlo Security Light

More than just a pretty face, smart lighting can help strengthen your home’s security too.

Smart Home Lighting Ideas: Outdoor Arlo Security Light |
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Stop intruders in their tracks with the Arlo Security Light. This clever lighting option automatically switches on when it detects motion. The Arlo Security Light can even work with your security cameras, prompting them to start recording when the light is on. Talk about smart!


Click HERE to get your hands on the Arlo Security Light.

What do you think of these smart home lighting ideas?


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