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Disney-Cobonpue Collaboration for Star Wars Fans

Disney-Cobonpue Collaboration for Star Wars Fans


Cristina Ng
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Cristina Ng
on August 16th 2019
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Star Wars Collection

The Walt Disney Company and beloved American sci-fi franchise Star Wars have joined forces. Kenneth Cobonpue, famed Filipino industrial designer, delivered a new Star Wars collection for the Disney Company in the Philippines based on George Lucas’ galactic pop-cultural phenomenon.


While the already-vast Star Wars universe seems to be growing annually, Cobonpue recalls watching the films himself in the 70’s and chooses to focus on classic star wars icons, as in the cocoon-like Vader and woven Imperial Wings armchairs. This collection definitely panders to big fans of the epic science fiction series. Here to have a close look at it !

VADER Easy Armchair

Star Wars Collection: Vader Easy Armchair |

Featuring a foldable swivel table and an open weave canopy, this easy armchair is equally at home in a host of settings. Darth Vader’s mask, achieved through meticulous stitching, peers out from this private nook. It offers a cozy space in which to have a cup of tea and plan your next scheme to conquer the Rebel Alliance.

SIDIOUS Easy Armchair

Star Wars Collection: Sidious Easy Armchair |

To embody Darth Sidious, this easy armchair’s backrest is elevated to resemble a hood, and its legs curve slightly forward. The silhouette is elegant, while simultaneously capturing the Sith Lord’s powerful and formidable presence.


Star Wars Collection: Imperial Wings Easy Armchair black |

“We wanted to incorporate the essence of each Star Wars character into the designs, while staying true to our aesthetic and process of creating by hand…Finding the balance was a bit of a challenge, but it was also a lot of fun.” – Kenneth Cobonpue

Star Wars Collection: Imperial Wings Easy Armchair white |

Imperial Wings is inspired by the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet, the TIE fighter. This easy armchair that features hand-woven polyethylene is your very own ace fighter. Capturing the agility and strength of the iconic starfighter, it tells out your great ambitions.

CHEWIE Rocking Stool

Star Wars Collection: Chewie Rocking Stool |

The brown microfiber strips are wrapped with a fabric belt to emulate Chewbacca and his bandolier. The playfulness of this rocking stool reflects the big heart of the legendary Wookiee warrior and loyal comrade of Han Solo.

LITTLE JEDI Hanging Lamp

Star Wars Collection: Little Jedi Hanging Lamp |

Little Jedi is a sculptural composition of steel. Its handmade salago fiber adds volume and body. The hanging lamp’s light source is ingeniously designed from these light sabers held by Jedi Knights. The one red figurine symbolizes a Sith Lord whom the Jedi’s battle against. It’s a playful reminder of what we can achieve when people unite and work together.

This Disney-Cobonpue collaboration secures the world of Star Wars fans and bring a “galaxy far, far away” some light years closer. It joins an important moment globally, as storytellers around the world pursue greater inclusivity, and ways to connect with more diverse and further flung audiences, especially in narratives imported from abroad.


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