Sticks and Stones Make Gorgeous Homes |
Sticks and Stones Make Gorgeous Homes

Sticks and Stones Make Gorgeous Homes

Timber cottage pairs wood and sandstone for modern mixed with retro

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on November 12th 2017
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Sticks and Stones House


Justin Alexander, Edward Birch, Jane McNeill

Drawing on the warmth of the natural surroundings, the Sticks and Stones House is the latest project from Luigi Rosselli Architects, once again creating a contemporary home with a timeless look. The Sticks and Stones House nestles on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, among centuries old trees and an array of timber cottages dotted in the neighborhood. The wood facade is paired with sandstone that gently darkens over time, providing a warm color palette and fitting in well with the surroundings.

Luigi Rosselli's Sticks and Stones House tour |

The owners are a discerning professional couple who work in the building industry. Along with their young family, they were looking for a comfortable home that caught glimpses of the bay and allowed for freedom of movement between indoors and outdoors. Behold the impressive curves of the glass that give the home its unique shape.

Mixed materials used for the Sticks and Stones home |

There was previously a home on the site, a mock Tudor brick and tile house that was completely demolished to make way for this one. The new design focused on shifting the direction to enjoy the waterfront, imbued with Brazilian contemporary style of design for an open floorplan.

Mid-century style home with glass balcony |
Mid-century modern style home complete with swimming pool and glass balcony |

Rooms feed on the outdoor views with floor to ceiling windows, and plenty of glass doors that open up the space.


The owners are absolutely loving their new house, as it feels like being on holiday every day. Visitors don’t want to leave because it’s so enjoyable, and of course because of their gracious hosts.

Back yard swimming pool |
Exterior of Sticks and Stones House |
Front yard garage with Sticks and Stones House |

One of the most interesting parts of the project is the cantilevered balconies and the way the home sits on a slope. It was quite a challenge to built the house’s foundations, as the excavation sat lower than the water table. That meant difficulties in making sure water didn’t fill up into any of the holes during building work.

Glass balcony in mid-century modern home |
Cement balcony with wooden support |

Above is an undershot detailing the balcony. Concrete frames are clad with timber to soften the overall color palette of the home.

Indoor foyer with staircase |

In the foyer, playful shapes and curves are paired with clean-cut lines for dynamic framing. Many of the designs feature glass doors that slide away into the stone wall, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoors. But so too in this hallway there is a clever use of sliding doors that intrigues and entertains, with beautiful form.

Foyer door with wooden door |

When the door is fully closed, the shelf remains as a reminder that there is more on the other side.

Door with wooden handle |
Foyer space with staircase |

A floating staircase adds to the laid back minimal feel of the house. The round mirror and hanging globe chandelier are the perfect antidotes to an otherwise quadratic room.

Living room with storage and poolside views |

“Hold on to, and don’t lose, the essence or seed of the design while it is being developed.”

Open plan dining room and kitchen area |

Along with the connection to the outdoors, the living area itself is an open-plan space. The kitchen, dining table and living room are all to hand. It allows the family to joint together and enjoy the integrated space. It’s from here that the rooms merge out through the sliding doors into the pool area too. Overall the cohesive shared space nature of the designs give way to breezy and relaxed living spaces.


The designers from Luigi Rosselli Architecture were able to look back at the project with some advice. “Hold on to, and don’t lose, the essence or seed of the design while it is being developed.”

Upstairs foyer at top of staircase |
Ceiling with different angles |
Master bedroom with gray walls and hanging lamps |

As well as bedrooms aplenty and spaces that delight with bright light, there’s also a dark side. Taking the stairs to the basement and you will find a subterranean level housing a car collection, a media room, workshop, and wine cellar.

Wine cellar |
Mid-century Modern style house with glass balcony |
Sticks and Stones House from backyard exterior |

The timber cottage, paired with its sandstone materials and garden of bounteous beauty, offer a superb space for relaxation and laid-back family living. Comfortable within and out, its sticks and stones prove fitting for this Australian suburban experience.


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