Chromatic Spaces: Vibrant Blend of Color for Shanghai Apartment |
Chromatic Spaces: Vibrant Blend of Color for Shanghai Apartment

Chromatic Spaces: Vibrant Blend of Color for Shanghai Apartment

Show apartment reflects 'the joy of living'

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on August 2nd 2018
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Chromatic Spaces


Way above the Shanghai skyline, the Chromatic Spaces show apartment is a perfect matching of colors and textures to create a vibrant energy, in a space that’s also smooth and calming.


German design team Ippolito Fleitz Group developed the 2,691-square-foot (250m²) apartment’s look for residential tower CEG Schwarzwald. The partnership venture sought to “provide an answer to urban society’s increasing demands on a healthy, calm and relaxing lifestyle. Surrounded by 20,000 trees, multiple high-rise buildings with premium apartments offer a quality environment for a modern family life in the heart of the megapolis.”


The interior design for the show apartment offers a relaxing and welcoming vibe, with some striking color pairings that are big on style. It’s a place you’ll love to look at and maybe even think about moving into!

Chromatic Spaces apartment features blend of colors and textures |

From the entrance straight into the open plan living room, you already feel the senses tingling! Smooth edges and clear geometries balance the room, and the calm bold shapes in the apartment feel relaxing against the frenetic skyline background.

Living room looks out over views of Shanghai skyline |
Desk space looking out over Shanghai skyline |
Purple rug and green sculptural shelving |

The bookshelf structure that separates different seating areas is a handsome sculptural element, combining contemporary elements with pretty pastels and a strong grounding green.

Purple rug acts as area demarcator for living room |
Overview of Chromatic Spaces apartment in Shanghai |

At the centre of the apartment is the kitchen, considered the “apartment’s centre of communication” with transparent doors to keep smells and noises contained within the kitchen, while still allowing for visual interaction.

Dining area separated with green wall, high-pile carpet and an oval table |

The conical red lamp is a striking focal point, with the high-pile carpet and oval table marking out the boundaries for the dining room.

Striking red conical lampshade paired with blue dining chairs against orange cupboard | Chromatic Spaces apartment |

Slats create a sense of privacy. They’re designed to be reminiscent of traditional Chinese folding-screens, and create a striking balance against the cupboards.

Blinds inspired by Chinese folding fans |
View of dining room, and yellow bench |

Many of the areas in this open plan room are set out with barely there walls, glass or sculptural elements. The curve along the bench is intriguing and mimicked in the way the kitchen also curves.

Smooth curves in the kitchen |
Blinds inspired by Chinese folding fans |
Living room carefully divided with carpets offers texture and harmony |

There are soft textures, such as these large sofas and layered carpets, that offer plump warmth and calm. They’re paired against the sharp squares of the coffee table and windows. The versatile mix of materials balance purpose and play. Then we get to the striking colors! A deep blue wall provides high contrast.

Striking blue wall creates contrast against soft sofas in living room of Chromatic Spaces apartment, Shanghai |
Blue wall looks striking in contrast with soft plump sofas |
Blue walls with round mirror in bedroom |

We really like the color pairings in the bedroom. In the master bedroom these deep blues pair with yellows and browns, the curves once again balance against the linear wall details, and there’s harmony between the hard and soft elements making it a cozy place for bedtime.

'Chromatic Spaces' bedroom in Shanghai | Master bedroom features turquoise walls and yellow carpet |
Turquoise bedroom walls with a big round mirror |
View from master bathroom into bedroom - Lavender tiles pair well with turquoise wallpaper |
Lavender bathroom tiles look warm reflected in soft glow of lighting |

The master bathroom is striking with its lavender hued wall tiles, brought to life with the warmth of the different lighting.


“Arranged along the façade, the bathrooms offer a fantastic view of the city, thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing. Metallic mosaic tiles reflect the colours of the skyline and make it come alive in the interior. The bedroom’s spacious balconies guarantee a smooth transition to the exterior and provide residents with a private view of Shanghai.”

Lavender tiles in the bathroom with unique lighting |
Big round mirror in the bedroom with views over Shanghai | Chromatic Spaces apartment by Ippolito Fleitz Group |
Bedroom looks out over city for stunning views |
Yellow, orange, brown with taupe and blues for bedroom decor |

Deep blues are paired with various ochre hues, from a mustard yellow through to a clementine-orange and taupe bedding.

Orange blanket is soft and fluffy, in contrast with the metallic blue tiles in this bedroom |
Curves in cabinets, in Chromatic Spaces apartment, Shanghai |
Soft millenial pink paired beautifully with softly lit gold |

In another bedroom, the gentle pink glow matches beautifully with the gold walls. It’s strong and striking, which is perfect because a solid headboard is important for good feng shui in the bedroom.

Striking gold walls with a back light ceiling detail, in the bedroom of Chromatic Spaces apartment in Shanghai |
Bathroom with cupboard lighting in Chromatic Spaces apartment, Shanghai |
Geometric furniture design in Chromatic Spaces bathroom, with views over Shanghai |
Hanging planters in Chromatic Spaces bathroom, with views over Shanghai |
Striking gold walls with a back lit ceiling detail, in the bedroom of Chromatic Spaces apartment in Shanghai |
Balcony and patio seating in Chromatic Spaces apartment, Shanghai |

The unique feel of the Chromatic Spaces show apartment is an eye-opening look at how color play, geometric balance and blending textures offer harmony in our homes.


If you’re interested in seeing other projects by Ippolito Fleitz Group, check out this colorful and eclectic home designed for Ippolito himself, and see how a 1905 building has been given a contemporary facelift to be bursting with life and energy.


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