Studio Loft Meets Art Gallery: A Modern Home Tour |
Urban Dwelling Topologies Realized in Studio Loft

Urban Dwelling Topologies Realized in Studio Loft

A Multi-functional Remodelling Project Shaped by Yerce Architecture & ZAAS

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on January 29th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

Studio Loft

Emin Emrah Yerce (Yerce Art Photography)

Designed by Yerce Architecture and ZAAS, multi-functionality features prominently in this studio loft meets photography workspace and art gallery. Its owner is a well-known photographer and artist based in Izmir, Turkey. Let’s take a closer look.

Form and Function

In this renovated apartment, the designers have performed a masterful feat of architectural wizardry. “The aim was to transform this ordinary looking flat into an inspiring, creative space where he [the client] could live and work,” explains Nail Egemen Yerce, Founder of Yerce Architecture.

Street facade of a modern studio loft with sliding glass doors |

“While the ground floor acts as his exhibiting area, guest reception zone and photo shooting area, the upper floor acts as the resting, cooking and living area.” – Yerce

Contemporary home office in a modern studio loft |

Various flexible transformative elements have been implemented to meet the client’s demand for intimate zones mixed with functional office space. Aesthetics-wise, modern themes of simplicity, functionality, and open space juxtaposing industrial elements are all explored in this smart renovation. The overall result is a chic modern studio ‘loft’ space, where working, living and exhibition functions intermingle with each other.

Studio Loft Meets Gallery

Upon entering the studio loft, you’ll immediately come across the photographic studio and exhibition space. In addition to exhibiting his own work, the owner of this home envisions this space to be a community spot which will showcase a variety of local talents.

Photographic studio and shooting space in a modern studio loft |

Sliding glass doors connecting with the street beautifully enhance the interplay of light and space in this modern studio loft. More than a stylistic choice, this open facade works to connect the inner space with the urban city, inviting potential exhibition visitors passing by to look into the gallery without a filter.

Modern studio loft and exhibition gallery with industrial steel-framed glass doors |

Without walls to obstruct light, the transparent facade presents a great flow of life and space. It’s no surprise to hear that this is one of the owner’s favorite features of the space. “He once called us late [in the] evening and described for fifteen minutes the way the light penetrated into his house through his windows,” shares Yerce.

Sculptural staircase of a modern studio loft |

Above Stairs

Another spot which provides inspiration aplenty for the owner is the sculptural staircase. Ascending towards the upper floor without a railing mounted on either side, the prominence of the staircase in particular underscores the dynamism and rhythm of circulation.

Floating sculptural staircase in a modern studio loft |

Bathroom Envy

Proving that even the most mundane of spaces can become architectural beauties, the futuristic space-age bathroom is a favorite of the owner – and many of his clients. Yerce says that this is the space where clients want to get photographed the most!

Futuristic vaulted bathroom of a modern studio loft with reflective metallic surfaces |

Yet design-wise, this was perhaps one of the more difficult spaces to build. “This little toilet was a place where we had to deal with serious height restriction,” reveals Yerce. In an effort to resolve this issue, the design team opted for vault structured toilet with a cave-like feel. Reflective surfaces give the visual illusion of space.

The Heart of the Home

A kitchen with a view is a must for staving off the boredom that comes with washing and cooking. As such, the design team leveraged floor-to-ceiling windows for bright panoramic views to the outdoors. Here, the kitchen complex plays an essential role on the upper floor, acting as the cooking, living and relaxation area.

Contemporary open plan kitchen and living space of a modern studio loft |

“Answers were sought to questions such as how could a space which was constructed and used initially as a typical, standard apartment transform into a multi functional area where different functions and forms of living can go along together? How could permeability within these functions be established? And how could the flow of life and space be in such a place?” – Yerce

Contemporary open plan kitchen in a modern studio loft with statement wood-topped island |

Notice the big kitchen island? Seeing how the owner loves to talk and mingle with guests, this design detail was built especially with socializing in mind. Boasting a design that’s both stylish and functional, the kitchen’s custom made for a clean, modern aesthetic.

Kitchen area with glass sliding doors in a modern studio loft |

An open-plan layout complete with earthy-toned furniture and wood accent tables give a casual-chic vibe to the private living quarters.

Fire Away

At the far end of the open plan living space is a cozy fireplace which gives the room a warm, homey atmosphere. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a gathering. What’s more, the fireplace is a great visual divider, separating the dining zone from the social space.

Open plan living space of modern studio loft with statement fireplace |

With a design rationale which sought to respond to the owner’s habits and lifestyle, the designers made a point of familiarizing themselves with their client. In doing so, Yerce Architecture and ZAAS have created a cozy home which doubles as a creative work space – a place which continues to inspire the inhabitant today.

Bright living area of a modern studio loft with projector and cozy seating |
Bright living area of a modern studio loft with projector and cozy seating |

“The house gains a new layer as it is used, we call this the ‘liveability’ layer. The owner enhanced the space with the accessories he deeply cares for, and this is felt inside.” – Yerce

Textural wall decor in a modern studio loft |

Final Thoughts

Overall, the outcome of this project can be described as a materialized response to the call for urban dwelling typologies. The design team chose a road less traveled in this project. Yet despite the difficulties they encountered, most notably in the areas of time and budget, I think we can say all those risks paid off!

What do you think of this modern studio loft?


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