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This Pet-Friendly Apartment is Perfect for Cats and Humans Alike

This Pet-Friendly Apartment is Perfect for Cats and Humans Alike

“the cats are owners too, they are not pets”

Written by –
Jess Ng
on July 17th 2017
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Chans House


Is it possible to live in a pet-friendly home without having to sacrifice your personal style? According to this stylish Vietnamese apartment, absolutely yes.

Contemporary open-plan living space with yellow and gray accents and white cat in a pet-friendly apartment |

Sharing a small space is never easy, especially when there are four cats involved. But that’s exactly the predicament Mr Minh Anh Cao and his wife had to navigate when deciding how to decorate their new home. Their design brief dictated a living space that was simple but unique. On top of that, the couple wanted to adopt a design that worked to the needs of their feline friends; after all “the cats are owners too, they are not pets” they say.


The result is a pet-friendly minimalist abode that’s the perfect sanctuary for both cats and humans. Let’s take a peek at how they did it.

Sleek oak wood locker storage system that hides a TV unit and bathroom in a minimalist pet-friendly apartment |

Originally made up of a series of smaller rooms, the main living area of the apartment now consists of a bright open plan living, dining and kitchen area. I love the clever use of that oak wood locker system to hide the bathroom and TV. When closed, the streamlined unit helps to create a sleek facade that plays to the simplicity requested by the owners.

Built-in cubby hole entrance for cats in a minimalist pet-friendly apartment |
Built-in cubby hole entrance for cats in a minimalist pet-friendly apartment |

For the cats, built-in cubby holes function as private entrances to the bathroom and bedroom. What a great way to make your pets feel like this is truly a space of their own!

Open-plan minimalist living space with yellow and gray accents in a pet-friendly apartment |

minimalist design aesthetic doesn’t necessarily equate to a strictly neutral color palette. The addition of just one bright accent shade can instantly add life to a home whilst still adhering to those precepts of simplicity and restraint. Here, a pop of yellow adds a refreshing design detail that draws the eye to the coziest part of the room.

Sleek elevated kitchen with black marble and chrome accents and chalkboard wall in a pet-friendly apartment |

A change of color palette and an elevated platform help to visually define the kitchen. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the sophisticated chrome and black marble accents alongside the whimsical chalkboard wall.

Modern bathroom with custom cat wash and litter box area in a pet-friendly apartment |

In the bathroom, the same minimalist style reigns supreme. Notice the special custom cat toilet area, complete with extractor fan, a cat wardrobe, sandbox and cat toiletry cabinet.

Minimalist cool-toned gray, white and blue master bedroom in a pet-friendly apartment |

To effectively utilize the master bedroom’s large windows, a glass panel wall separates the room from the living space. Here, colors are restricted to cool toned grays, blues and whites for a calming sleeping quarter. A low-lying futon bed makes it easy for the couple’s posse of cats to join them for an afternoon cat nap.

Minimal functional zoning area with bench and storage in a pet-friendly apartment |
Fold down bed in the guest bedroom of a minimalist pet-friendly apartment |

Just off the open plan living space lies a multi functional room separated by floor to ceiling drapery. The space works variously as a guest bedroom, dining area, home office and cat playroom as and when it suits.


Bright open-plan living space with yellow and wood accents in a pet-friendly apartment |

By incorporating the needs of their feline friends into the design of their pet-friendly home, it is clear that Mr and Mrs Minh Anh Cao view their cats as an integral part of the family. As a fellow animal lover, it is a relief to tour a home that proves pet friendly and aesthetic appeal needn’t appear as two irreconcilable sides of a whole. Overall I paw-sitively love this apartment – what do you think?


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