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8 Stylish Children’s Wardrobe and Closet Ideas

8 Stylish Children’s Wardrobe and Closet Ideas

Simple storage ideas for the kids' room

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on January 8th 2019
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Styling your child’s bedroom is a great opportunity for design possibilities! Just like adults, children require a functional space when it comes to their bedroom, with good storage high on the priorities list. But there’s no need to scrimp on style, given the range of excellent options out there.


Check out these stylish children’s wardrobe ideas for your tiny tots.

Baby Blue

Baby blue wardrobe re-purposed linen closet | NONAGON.style
image source

Going for soothing, natural colors in your child’s bedroom is a good idea to create an environment that’s calming. The baby blue linen closet here is a re-purposed linen closet, that looks perfect in this space. Go for the konmari method for folding clothes, and you’ll have the perfect instant access to each outfit.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Whitney uses a set of drawers from IKEA to create the toy storage solution that works well for her. Updated with a bit of marble-like deco paper, a few cushions, and setting the scene with her two adorable boys. This could be a great solution for reading space, and finding a place for all those shoes!


Montessori style wardrobe so that children can select their own clothes | NONAGON.style
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In this bedroom, the decor revolves around the Montessori school of thought. Making furniture child-sized and within reach makes it easy for them to conduct tasks for themselves, allowing them to learn and grow independent in a real world setting. This wardrobe offers space for hanging clothes, and a set of wicker baskets for stashing things away neatly.

Creamy Hygge

Dusty pink neutrals make for a soothing children's bedroom storage spot | NONAGON.style
image source

The dusty rose of these interiors give a grown up feel to the children’s playroom. Drawers are given earthy neutral tones, and plenty of rattan and wicker items furnish the space. Even children’s bedrooms can look a bit hygge if your heart desires it!

Oodles of Personality

For this child’s bedroom, there are no sickly saccharine princess castles. A tall wardrobe packs most items away, and a handy lower down rail keeps clothes at child height.


Also, not a wardrobe but check out that retractable bed! Cool idea for saving space for playtime.

The Sideboard

Wardrobe designed for both adults and children, featuring double door handles | NONAGON.style
image source

Sleek doors with space for hanging shirts, folding shorts, and stashing toys. There are lower knobs for little ones, and some higher up so you don’t strain yourself bending down every time you’re looking for a pair of socks.

It’s Behind You

A hanging nook behind the door makes the perfect storage spot | NONAGON.style
image source

Maybe all you need is a small nook in the room. This hanging rail and shelving space in a family home is similar to other storage options found around the apartment. It’s straightforward but paired nicely with the right basket options. Find a matching hamper and your stylish room is complete.

Nursery Closet

While many of the storage options in this article feature wardrobe ideas for little ones to choose their own clothes (and hopefully… tidy them away), we couldn’t help but include this nursery room closet. Thrift find baskets make it that much easier to put laundry away for this happy mama.

When you are looking to create a stylish children’s bedroom, many of the inspiration designs will show you simple colors and plenty of space for storage. But don’t forget that many of these minimalist looks are usually down to a good decluttering session once and a while!


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