Stylish Kid-Friendly Small Apartment Makeover |
Stylish Kid-Friendly Small Apartment Makeover

Stylish Kid-Friendly Small Apartment Makeover

Creating more space for a growing boy

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on March 7th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

Running! Running! My little boy!


This home tour tells of the story of two parents transforming their cramped and dated 93 m2 apartment into a sleek and modern haven, as they wanted to make it a special place for their son to grow up in and have space to run around. Enlisting A Lentil Design to make the project happen, there are signature pops of yellow and delightful details perfect for the happy family.

Family apartment in Taiwan styled for a child-friendly space |
Storage space ideas in Taiwanese living room |

Pablo Picasso once said that “every child is an artist.” Making home a fun and functional hub for children to grow up sparks imagination, as well as good physical and mental well-being. As such, creating a home that’s as kid-friendly as it clean, organized and stylish was the agenda for this family in Taipei. They decided to upcycle their 40-year-old apartment into a beautifully bright, airy and sleek modern space, particularly a place for their toddler son to play and grow, before he starts kindergarten.

Living room featuring yellow carpet |
Pops of yellow and plenty of storage ideas for open plan kitchen and dining room home in Taiwan |

Open-plan layout incorporates all aspects of living together and has become a great choice for family interaction. To renovate the stuffy space, A Lentil Design started by demolishing the existing walls of the dimly lit kitchen and in its place chose a sliding glass door, allowing the parents to see what their child is up to while they are cooking. The results is a well-honed kitchen and dining room open plan combination seamlessly linking to the rest of the room. The gas stove was moved to the back of kitchen to make it safer and less noisy.


Boasting layers of coziness and a togetherness in design, the open plan living area frees up plenty of space for the family to lounge together. As you can see, rustic furnishings are juxtaposed against the modern finish of the house, and plenty of light shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Gray sofa in Taiwanese living room |

Windows treatments were also added to the layout to bring in more light and ventilation. Making the best use of natural light whilst let in the fresh breeze, I believe the window placement also helps to brighten up the occupants’ hearts.

Apartment living room with cranny |
Taiwanese apartment kitchen wtih gray backsplash tiles |

The kitchen saw a funky overhaul in terms of whimsical addition of small tiles and rustic elements. Previously the gas stove was located directly alongside the laundry space, which was a terrible location as all the clothes began to smell. Now cooking is not so stressful, with better lighting and more access around the room.

Plants and plenty of kitchen storage in child-friendly Taiwanese apartment |
Sliding doors separate the bedrooms form the living room |
Living room and bathroom area with sliding doors |

Strategic placement of doors coupled with lemon and mosaic tiles marks the entrance of the bathroom. With the goal of facilitating traffic flow and avoiding direct alignment of the toilet door towards the kitchen, the design team subtly altered the opening of the guest at bathroom at an angle.

Young boy demonstrates yellow bathroom |
Blue and white bathroom in small apartment, Taiwan |

Introduction of indoor plants into the home is one of the ways to counteract the negativity of urban life. In this renovation project, I especially adore the addition of plants that provide sparkling touches of greenery throughout.

Bedroom with hanging stork |

Speaking of the master bedroom, space-saving furniture was used to make better space for storage. In this case, the designer transformed a pillar into an independent dressing area. What’s more, a partition wall was pushed 60cm outside to function as a wardrobe where the homeowner could house clothing and accessories. In practice of feng shui, the main bath door was also revamped to prevent it from facing the bedroom directly.

Child and mom play together in bedroom |
Children's bedroom with play teepee |
Master bedroom and bathroom connecting |
Mom plays with her son in the open kitchen |

All in all, the light-colored wooden materials and mint painted walls set the tone for the house as a canvas for creativity with a dose of modern aesthetic. Design-wise, the concept of “addition by subtraction” has been perfectly practiced in this apartment makeover through removing unnecessary fixtures and preserving multi-layered functionality. Make no mistake, the newly renovated apartment brims with eclectic personality and has turned into an ideal place for their little boy to run about freely!

If you are interested in seeing more projects by A Lentil Design, see this colorful basement or even the small apartment where the renovation was ‘just like scones’ according to the baker in the family!


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