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Here’s Definitive Proof That Kids’ Rooms Can Be Stylish Too

Here’s Definitive Proof That Kids’ Rooms Can Be Stylish Too

These children's room ideas are anything but childish

Written by –
Jess Ng
on March 12th 2019
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Gone are the days of garish cartoon wallpaper and sticker-covered plastic furnishings. The kids’ rooms of the moment embody creativity, style and plenty of functionality. No longer an additional afterthought to a home’s overall aesthetic, they are now inspired design in their own right. Don’t believe me? Ahead, here’s definitive proof that kids’ rooms can be stylish too.

Stylish Kids’ Room Ideas

Cozy Kinfolk

In keeping with the warm rustic theme of her home, photographer Erin Kelly’s nursery embraces a kinfolk approach to design.

Kids Room Ideas: Kinfolk nursery with traditional fireplace and craftsman accents |
image source

Neutral tones and the back-to-basics choice of toys and accessories make a convincing case for the power of simplicity. I also love how the natural wood and rattan textures add a craftsman touch to the space. Overall, the nursery’s organic aesthetic is the antithesis of the gaudy rooms of the past.

Kids Room Ideas: Rustic kinfolk nursery with hanging garland detail |
image source

Celestial Dreams

When done right, wallpaper has its place in kids’ rooms. Case in point, designer Keren Richter’s celestial-inspired nursery.

Kids Room Ideas: Eclectic nursery with gold celestial wallpaper and dark wood floors |
image source

Star-flecked iridescent wallpaper balances out the dramatic black painted floors to stunning effect. Rather than opting for kid-specific furniture, Richter chose to fill the space with more general design pieces she loved, customizing items where necessary. As such, the nursery boasts an enviably eclectic mix of vintage and mid-century modern styles.

Kids Room Ideas: Eclectic nursery with gold celestial wallpaper and open cupboard storage |
image source

Curtain Climber

One of the best things about kids’ room design is the potential for boundless imagination. Of all the spaces in a home, the children’s room is the place to go all in with the fun.

Kids Room Ideas: Bright playroom with multi-colored climbing wall |
image source

Jacob Sandmann of Fogarty Finger Architecture took this to heart when designing his kids’ playroom. Featuring a colorful climbing wall and three-tier bunk-bed, this may be the ultimate child’s play hangout. Bright primary colors are matched with a background of sleek white, ensuring an overall contemporary aesthetic. Meanwhile, interactive wallpaper that is meant to be drawn on introduces an element of personalization to the space, allowing the kids to truly make this a room of their own.

Kids Room Ideas: Bright playroom with triple bunk-bed |
image source

Neutral Ground

For a kids’ room which will stay timelessly stylish year after year, begin with an all white canvas.

Kids Room Ideas: Bright Scandinavian-inspired nursery with woven rug and crib |
image source

In this Amanda Barnes-designed nursery, white walls are a backdrop to a host of sweet whimsical details. Instead of bright color, Barnes turns to texture to create depth. For instance, the over-sized rug, woven textiles and lace bamboo tipi. As the child grows older, all of these details can be swapped out with minimal effort.

Kids Room Ideas: Whimsical white nursery with lace bamboo teepee |
image source

Bear Necessities

In an age where technology rules the world, I’m a firm supporter of Estudio Plok’s and architect Mariana Paccieri’s commitment to designing a tech-free kids’ room. Instead of TV’s and iPads, the ‘#bearscave’ encourages fun through imagination.

Kids Room Ideas: Wood-clad kids room inspired by a bear cave |
image source

Inspired by nature, this room is modeled after a bear cave. To this end, a diagonal timber floor which continues up one wall and wood panel accents enhance the sense of enclosure. However, the thing that really draws me to this wood-clad space is the room’s tactility. Here, a climbing wall and cave-like bed structure, complete with ladder, encourages physical exploration. With all this at your fingertips, who needs tech to have fun?

Kids Room Ideas: Wood-clad kids room with climbing frame and ladder bed |
image source

What do you think of these kids’ room ideas?


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