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5 Smart Home Accessories You Wouldn’t Know Were Tech Gadgets

5 Smart Home Accessories You Wouldn’t Know Were Tech Gadgets

Stylish and tech-savvy

Written by –
Kayla Matthews
on July 10th 2018
Kayla Matthews is a senior productivity and tech writer for MakeUseOf and Productivity Bytes, with an interest in smart home technology. She loves spending her weekends with her husband, working out and eating delicious food around Pittsburgh!

When decorating your home, it’s often necessary to prioritize the practicality or features of an item instead of its aesthetics. That’s particularly been the case when it comes to smart tech. However, product manufacturers are finally starting to realize that we want tech gadgets that are attractive and feature-filled. Keep reading to discover our favorite smart tech products that do both.

Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router

Instead of the typical boring bulky box shape, this Wi-Fi router looks like a stylish geometric accent.

Stylish Smart Home Tech Accessories: Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router |
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This gadget requires a subscription to Norton’s Core Security Plus. However, the router itself boasts enterprise-grade security and automatically updates to protect against the latest threats, making it more than worth it. Did we also mention how chic it looks?


Head HERE to shop the Norton Core Router.

Depict Frame

Sure, artwork brings personality to your home, but it can also get a little boring; especially if you own the same piece for decades. This digital art display solves that problem by letting you change your artwork with your phone.

Stylish Smart Home Tech Accessories: Digital art Depict Frame |
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While the Depict Frame isn’t the cheapest, just think of the artistic variety it will bring to your abode. Not only do you have the ability to display your own photos, but you can receive an unlimited viewing of free Artworks of the Month with the Depict Premium option.

Nanoleaf Light Panels — Rhythm Edition

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Nanoleaf, and their new Rhythm Edition Light Panels have made us fall in love with them even more.

Stylish Smart Home Tech Accessories: Nanoleaf Light Panels |
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These cool light panels let users experiment with various hues in their homes. Even better, it can be linked up to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, making it easy to switch up the lighting vibe with just your voice.


Shop the Nanoleaf Light Panels HERE.

The Mui Home Controller

We don’t know about you, but for aesthetic reasons alone, we personally prefer tech gadgets that blend in with our room.

Stylish Smart Home Tech Accessories: Mui Home Controller |
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Enter the Mui – a multipurpose item that looks like a piece of wood but connects with components in your home to dim the lights, change the temperature and more. It can even display words of encouragement through the text readout feature. Although not on the market quite yet, it’s expected to be available through a crowdfunding site soon. Watch this space!

The MirrorVue Mirror TV

This bathroom accessory may seem like a standard mirror at first, but thanks to a vanishing display feature, it transitions into a TV screen that entertains you while you go about your business.

Stylish Smart Home Tech Accessories: MirrorVue Mirror TV |
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The MirrorVue Mirror TV is a single sink-sized mirror with a remote that attaches with a suction cup. The gadget works with major streaming services, and can even give you traffic and public transit updates.

Which of these stylish smart home tech accessories is your favorite?


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