Forget 90s Style Wallpaper, Here's the Right Way to Decorate Kids' Walls |
Forget 90s Style Wallpaper, Here’s the Right Way to Decorate Kids’ Walls

Forget 90s Style Wallpaper, Here’s the Right Way to Decorate Kids’ Walls

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on February 3rd 2018
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It’s exciting to decorate the kids’ rooms because you can get away with bright, colored wallpapers that wouldn’t work for the rest of the home. From patterns, colors and textures, wallpapers play a huge role in defining the atmosphere of your kid’s bedroom. Our top tip is to steer away from those 90s-style wallpapers with those awful borders.. and this guide is how to do it right. Decorating the walls in your kids’ bedrooms can be a memorable activity, one to share with the family! Here are no-fail tips to styling the walls in your kids’ bedroom.

Knowledge Is Power

Bedroom or classroom – why not both?

The Magic Wallpaper by Castorama | Educational Kids Wallpaper |
image source

Growing kids learn by interacting with their surroundings, and that includes walls! Make every moment count by choosing educational wallpapers that can stimulate their imagination. Whether it’s a talking wallpaper that interacts with a mobile-app or a solar-system wallpaper featuring celestial bodies, educational wallpapers can make learning a fun task they’ll look forward to every day.

Go Big with Prints

It’s a great big world out there, so their bedroom should feel like it too.

Animal print wallpaper featured by Emily Henderson | Stylish Kids Wallpaper |
image source

Dress up those walls with big, bold prints of animals and objects, and your child will never have a dull day in the room. With elephants, birds and horses, kids can spend the day telling stories about their newest friends, and their latest adventures with them.

Leave Space to Create

Support their inner artist with a chalkboard wall. Chalkboard paint is easier than ever to get hold of.

Teepee bed with pull out bed |
image source

Forget about having to paint your walls to cover up pen mark and doodles, chalkboard paint is an easy solution that can be painted over when it needs a new coat. Kids will never run out of paper because you can easily erase drawings to make room for more. It’s a great way to support their artistic side as they draw up their next masterpiece.

Tell a Story

Don’t just read them a bedtime story, show them one too.

Animal printed wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper |
image source

Turn the walls into an art piece that brings bedtime stories to life with vivid paintings. With a visual representation of their favorite story, your kids will always be excited to jump into bed for a brand new adventure. Life-sized giraffes, inquisitive toucans and vibrant flamingos? It’s a definite yes.

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