Render of the Week: Stylish Wardrobe Setup For Your Bedroom |
Render of the Week: Stylish Wardrobe Setup For Your Bedroom

Render of the Week: Stylish Wardrobe Setup For Your Bedroom

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on August 16th 2018
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Do ever wonder why your wardrobe just doesn’t seem big enough? Using this gorgeous render of the week for reference, we thought we’d share some of our top tips for a stylish wardrobe setup.

Shelving unit, wardrobe design is actually 3D render from |

Take a look at this wardrobe setup from, showing how multiple storage components can really bring the wardrobe game up a notch.


Less Truly Is More

Be honest with yourself – do you really wear all of your clothes? Sometimes adopting a minimalist approach to your lifestyle can make your daily regimen faster. There’s time for a spring clean all year round!


Open and Closed

We love this setup with the open and closed options for hanging garments. With a wardrobe door to keep your clothes hidden, you’re able to keep things tidy. But it’s also nice to have an open hanger for planning out your outfits the night before. When you have items out in the open, you’re much more likely to wear them. So consider bringing out an outfit you haven’t worn in a while and rotating those around.


Overhead Shelving

Boxes and baskets are an excellent spot to keep handbags and scarves out of the way. In this stylish wardrobe setup, they’ve incorporated boxes on the top shelf. In the true spirit of minimalism, if your collection exceeds a box, maybe there are too many items!


Shoes Down Below

When you’re looking to organize your storage space, this wardrobe setup is ideal. Not only is there space for shoes underneath, but there is a seating area so you have somewhere somewhere comfortable to put shoes on — and take them off at the end of the day.



You don’t see any mirrors in this stylish wardrobe setup, but don’t forget about them. For small rooms, doubling up with mirrors on a wardrobe door is an excellent space saver, and can even make the room feel larger.



Drawers are for heavy sweaters and the things you don’t need to hang. Wool, cashmere, and angora will stretch and could lose their form if they are hung, so make sure to fold them and store them in a drawer.


Eye Level

Store your most used items at eye level. This will save you time bending down to rummage for things.


Coordinated Hangers

For a really stylish wardrobe setup, make sure your hangers are all the same. You could opt for bulky wooden ones only if you have the space, otherwise look for something slimmer and has a non-slip finish to keep your items from falling to the bottom of the wardrobe.

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