Subway Tile Alternatives You'll Love For Your Bathroom |
Subway Tile Alternatives You’ll Love For Your Bathroom

Subway Tile Alternatives You’ll Love For Your Bathroom

You can do better than the simple subway tile

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on October 27th 2017
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So you want to see some bathrooms that don’t use subway tiles for decorating? Subway tiles have their moments, sure. But we’ve provided some of our favorite inspiration for beautiful bathrooms that don’t conform to subway tile convention.

Subtly Un-Subway

When they are still familiar but not the same; for those not yet ready to take the leap.

Gorgeous subway tile alternatives |
image source
Terracotta tiles that are even more stunning than subway tiles |
image source
Industrial-style bathroom with tiled details in a Catalan apartment with vaulted ceilings |
Large white tiles for the bathroom, reflected in the mirror |
image source
White grid tiles |
image source
Industrial-style tiled bathroom of a Catalan apartment with vaulted ceilings |

Tiles That Are Totally Different

Totally not subway tiles, but totally gorgeous.

Cross hatch gray ceramic tiles for bathroom backsplash | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Copper and marble bathroom looks divine |
image source
Green scales in the bathroom - Booklovers House designed by BFDO Architects |
Sink and furniture made of natural materials in the contemporary bathroom of an open plan villa |
Contemporary bathroom with monochromatic green wall tiles and symmetrical white sinks |
image source
Small and large hexagons in the bathroom |
A colorful studio apartment's hallway with Easter Island statue and view of dark tiled bathroom |

Tiles Toned Down

When is a white subway tile not a white subway tile? When it’s rustic, square or smaller than their 3-inch by 6-inch sisters. These tiles are subway siblings but make a beautiful subway tile alternative.

Shower room with teal tiles and gray flooring |
White bathroom with small tiles |
White tiles and wooden boards in upstairs bathroom |
image source

Subway Tiles Other Than White

Familiar shape, but these are subway tiles in other colors!

Blue subway tiles in the bathroom pops against mustard floor |
image source
Gray back wall paired with mosaic flooring |
image source
Black subway tiles |
image source
image source
Light green subway tiles |
image source

What About Wood?

Why stick to tiles when sometimes wood would do even better?

Relaxing white bathroom with bathtub |
Relaxing gray bathroom with white bathtub |
image source
Open plan bedroom and bathroom in this Barcelona apartment |

There are a range of white subway tile alternatives out there. Still looking for some bathroom inspiration? Check out our gallery, to see a whole collection of bathrooms in many different styles.




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