Are You Also a Sucker for Succulents? |
Are You Also a Sucker for Succulents?

Are You Also a Sucker for Succulents?

Your go-to houseplant for urban living

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on April 9th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

In recent years, the succulent trend has proved all the rage — and I love it. Succulents are a prickly botanical characterized by a thickened and fleshy appearance in an array of shades, textures, and sizes. Etymologically, the word “succulent” is derived from Latin “sucus”, meaning juice or sap. Just like their name implies, they can thrive in dry climates or difficult soil conditions with their juicy and sap-filled leaves retaining water. They’re low-maintenance, making them the perfectly interior accent to jazz up home decor, suitable even for gardening novices.

Succulents marquee |
image source

Hanging Glass Terrariums

Hanging glass succulent terrarium |
image source

Creating a terrarium to house succulents is arguably the most popular way to enjoy a bit of outside inside. I am really intrigued by the way green leaves spill out of the glass globe dangling in the sunshine. Alongside the juicy succulents these terrariums are often filled with rocks, pebbles, sand, and well drained potting soil, the container showcases the lush beauty of a miniature ecosystem.

Geometric succulent chandeliers |
image source

For a minimal design with elegance, garnish with geometric succulent planters to spruce up your blank wall or extra ceiling space.


Delicate succulent in an interior designed by Steven Gambrel |
image source

Not only can potted succulents make a great green addition to tablescape, but they can also help to purify and detoxify the air, which will further improve your concentration and mood when you are at home. In that sense, potting your succulents into textured containers serves both a visually artistic and practical purpose in your home office.

Succulents collection in ceramic pots |
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Potters and planters come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, terracotta, wood, stone, and more. When styling, make sure to incorporate the texture of your container to your home decorative style.

Wine bottle succulent planter |
image source

These polished wine bottles have been upcycled by Snug Hug Home to make planters for succulents. Adding a dash of vintage vibe, it’s also a great recycling method so you can ensure you’re being as green as possible at home.

Mini Garden Centerpiece

Floral accent succulent container |
image source

A miniature succulent garden can make for your refuge from the outside world. Bring to your holiday table with succulent centerpieces for a refreshing tablescape. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, a succulent garden centerpiece is your way to go, as their low-maintenance feature requires little watering or upkeep.

Urban chic succulent container |
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Windowstill filled with succulents |
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For indoor displays, I like to see a line-up of potted succulents like the ones above, becoming the fresh focal point of the windowstill. Placing the succulents on the window ledge would ensure better growth for succulents due to exposure to sunlight.

What is your favorite succulent decor idea?


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