Summer Beach House Opens Its Doors |
Summer Beach House Opens Its Doors

Summer Beach House Opens Its Doors

It may be laid back living, but you'll see everything is in its place!

Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on January 6th 2018
She's always struck by the architecture of a building. Originally from London, she is enthralled with the majestic collection of curves and lines that make up the British capital. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together in every city. Her Instagram feed is full of spiral staircases.

Summer Beach House


I love a large verandah. Well, who doesn’t? A large verandah maximises outdoor space all year round, providing shelter from the cold in winter and shade in the summer months.


For this Australian project by Adrian Bonomi Architect, the verandah faces onto a courtyard, providing a lot of privacy and yet making it accessible to everyone who lives there. It’s designed as a peaceful summer residence for a retired couple. There’s a studio for art, a workshop for music, and all of these living areas have a strong open connection to the garden.

Summer beach house features black-stained timber cladding |

The exterior cladding is timber, but unusually it adopts a dark stain. The cedar doors and wood environment keep the warmth of wood, but add more of a sophistication to its design.


The internal structure is recycled painted brick and stone. Some of this brickwork is visible with the built-in barbecue area on the verandah, that shares a wall with the chimney flute for the internal hanging fireplace.

Summer beach house wouldn't be complete without the perfect covered deck |

As a beach house, it offers ease of access and a laid back feel. You are unencumbered by walls, and materials feel natural, complimenting the seaside setting.

Summer beach house features black-stained timber cladding |
Summer beach house features relaxed interiors |

One of the biggest challenges with the project was to maintain privacy from the outside, while keeping it bright and allowing in sun on the inside of the property.

Summer beach house features relaxed interiors |

The style of furniture is a blend of choices, with an overarching theme for relaxation as you’ll notice the furniture is quite low slung and laid back.

Laid back living room and cozy beach vibes in summer house from Adrian Bonomi Architects |

Given that it’s a summer house, the design allows for it to be breezy, doors open to allow for a light gust to pass through the home.

Outside is a barbecue, inside is a chimney |
Shelves are perfectly stacked in this Australian summer beach house |

One of my favorite photos from this Australian summer beach house tour is this one. Open shelving can make or break how comfortable you feel in an environment, but in this home plates and bowls, glasses, and ornaments are all neatly stacked and ready for use. The blend of wood, ceramics, and metal are at ease with one another. Lighting is well placed for the dining room and kitchen bar area.


The home is a great combination of height and setting each area up, making it a gorgeous space to be. With doors wide open and the sunshine streaming, both the inside and outside areas of the summer beach house are ready!

Summer beach house privacy from the street view |
Summer beach house privacy from the street view |

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