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Summer Decor Tips For Styling Your Home

Summer Decor Tips For Styling Your Home

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Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on April 27th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

As the calendar flips to the beginning of May, unwittingly or perceptibly, summer is already among us. So it’s high time that we should consider introducing summery vibes into our home for soaking up the good times. Ahead, read on to these summer decor tips that will help you enjoy those long summer days (and nights!) in comfort and style.

Design Tip #1

Set up a garden retreat

One brilliant way to prepare your space for good summer vibes is to set up a garden hide-away. See this lush oasis hidden at the rear of the house, where the aroma of the pizza oven mixes with lavender in the summer breeze.

Summer House Decor: Outdoor room with a pizza oven |
image source

Nestled among the wisteria-adorned entrance and pops of green, this quiet courtyard boasts a boho-eclectic and old world charm feel. It’s a great choice to keep yourself in the shade during the next summer heatwave.


Tour the rest of the Box Hill landscaped garden here.

Design Tip #2

Freshen up with floral elements

Flowers are not only natural decor accents, but add a pleasant aroma to your space.

Summer House Decor: Three tones custom designed red and pink sofa in velvet textures for living room in East Berlin |
image source

Indoor flowering plants do double duty in terms of decorative accents as well as air purifying filters. Freshen up your interiors with some summer delight, by placing flowers and creating your indoor greenery zone.

Head here for a full tour of the Ester Bruzkus apartment, which does a great job zoning rooms.

Design Tip #3

Carve out an open lounge area

Beyond plants and flowers, set an open communal space for relaxation where you can sunbathe or take a good nap in the open air.

Summer House Decor: Balcony overlooking the sea with terrace beds placed opposite to each other, sofas and textile accessories |
image source

In this coastal-facing balcony you can see how they styled a modern and edgy space with bespoke details; colorful outdoor sofas complete with textile accessories that lend a chic beach vibe. Designed for downtime, the beach-inspired lounge area just screams summer, and creates that perfect spot where you escape from routine.


For a tour of this modern sea view house in Israel click here.

Design Tip #4

Consider accent pieces in sunny hues

Add a splash of color to make that white wall more exciting! My favorite way to do it is with accent fabrics, bold summer prints  or consider rugs, pillowscushions, or plates. Any of these can be found crafted in bright, bold patterns.

Summer House Decor: Vibrant handmade Moroccan Wool Pots and Plates by Bohemia |
image source

Boho styles always tap into the color and vibrancy from different cultures, whether using Ghana-inspired patterns, Moroccan textiles or Pacific-style jute weaving for baskets. Just look outside of your local neighborhood for inspiration, and bring your summer voyage across the ocean back to home.


For more sunshine textile inspiration, head here.

Design Tip #5

Use delicate lighting — and that doesn’t mean fairy lights

A twinkly glow and a starry night, delicate lighting options are essential for giving your home a subtle dreamy quality. But if you’re decorating anything other than a dorm room, look further than fairy lights!

Summer House Decor: Alternative bathroom lighting |
image source

By placing the right lighting fixtures, you can enjoy the delicate ethereal glow created by the lights and shadows. Set the atmospheric scene for a tender summer night!


Read this for more tips on grown up alternatives to fairy lights.

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