DIY 101: A Tropical Summer Terrarium |
This Tropical Garden DIY Will Give You Instant Summer Vibes

This Tropical Garden DIY Will Give You Instant Summer Vibes

Bring the sunshine inside

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on August 3rd 2017
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Bring the sunshine into your home this summer with a miniature tropical garden. Perfect for perching on your office desk or living room coffee table, this air planter garden only needs a spritz of water every three days. Even better, this mini summer terrarium can be made with minimum fuss – simply follow our easy peasy DIY!

Tropical flamingos in a summer terrarium |

What You Need

1. White Bowl
2. Regular Sand
3. Blue Sand
4. Bubblewrap
5. Air Plants
6. Rocks
7. Seashells
8. Flamingo figurines


STEP 1 – Prepare the Bowl

Fold the bubblewrap into a square and place in bowl.

STEP 2 – Fill with Sand

Fill 2/3 of the bowl with regular sand and 1/3 with blue sand.

STEP 3 – Add in the Plants

Place air plants into the regular sand section.

STEP 4 – Decorate

Arrange rocks, seashells and flamingo figurines to create a tropical beach scene.

STEP 5 – Water

Spritz your summer terrarium with water every three days.

Summer terrarium DIY with flamingo accents |

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