Sunny Extension for Incision House |
Sunny Extension for Incision House

Sunny Extension for Incision House

Taking this bungalow to another level with handsome home extension

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on July 17th 2016
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Incision House


What do you do when you outgrow your home? This home tour is a look around the Incision House home extension. It’s an addition to a bungalow that has stepped up another level, with soft minimalist features and a striking new stairway.


The family-of-four who live here had previously asked Architects EAT to remodel their last home, a terraced apartment. But as the boys outgrew the space, they snapped up this traditional Californian bungalow in a residential area of Melbourne, Australia.

Minimalist family home featured with bungalow |

After living in the home as it was for a few months, they came to love the separate spaces of the original floor plan. So they were quite decided not to turn the home into a giant open plan area. Instead the rooms are interconnected, and additional rooms create new layers and spaces. Although many of the rooms may feel wide and spacious, it’s quite possible to compartmentalize the areas with large sliding doors.

Contemporary finish staircase with an extended bungalow |

Running through the middle of the house is this tall, sun-catching hallway that reaches 6.5 metres right up from bottom to the top level of the home. In addition to being the backbone of the new home and the central point between the areas, it also is the incision point which attaches the contemporary finish to the traditional brick outline of the home.

Minimal bungalow garden with features brickwork |

I think it’s lovely the way the original brickwork has been preserved in this house. The new addition of the gray exterior paneling in contrast with the red brick wall is a pleasant combo. And it’s always been one of my favorite things to see big wide window doors opening out onto the patio.

Wide and spacious garden featured in the bungalow |

With two teenage boys, the family was keen to make sure the back garden was maintained as a space to let off steam and run around. Instead of moving outward, there is a small area that moves the house upward, leaving plenty of room for a large garden and a pool.

Soft pastels, whites and timber colors are the palette for the home. The long corridor stretches through to different areas, so by keeping a consistent scheme throughout the house there is a sense of harmony and unity.

Bright and airy in the bungalow |

You can see here a hint of the skylights that allow this central atrium area to stay bright and airy. The new staircase makes a sharp addition to the style and feel, with designer grace and a refined stature.

Shadow of the staircase in the bungalow |

The thin blade of metal cuts through the central area. By using perforated material for the staircase, the shadows that filter through are interesting and add an extra element to the design. Additionally, it is important that the kitchen isn’t losing light at certain times of the day.

Bright and spacious bungalow |

There is a sense of fun with the spaces: the round clock, paired with the square fireplace and storage recess. The long wide rectangles of the stairs and windows. So think about the shapes and angles in your home when you’re looking to renovate a new build – what do you want to draw your eye towards?

Minimal bungalow with features neat open planned kitchen |

The kitchen space is neat and also extends the soft minimal, and mid-century feel of the home with warm pastel colors and a clean uncluttered work tabletop. There is enough window space and light to be able to prepare food, and the little door knobs are a sweet way to keep the area looking friendly among the slick white surfaces.

Bright and airy bungalow of this incision house |
Rear angle of the bright and airy bungalow|

The rear angle of the house shows you that the sharp clear lines of the internal stairwell also slice into the outside too. Upstairs leads to the boys’ bedrooms, in the built-on element of the home.


The window frame looks great here, a stunning way to show the inside and outside areas being sectioned off and also useful for a family.

Traditional exterior meets minimalist bungalow with features window frame |

If you’re looking for ways to break up the usual and try out a different home extension, maybe some of these ideas will help you. It’s a great example of modernizing a traditional exterior, and making it the right home for a modern family.


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