Taiwanese Family Home Embraces Modern Simplicity | NONAGON.style
Taiwanese Family Home Embraces Modern Simplicity

Taiwanese Family Home Embraces Modern Simplicity

Just keep it simple

Written by –
Jess Ng
on July 6th 2018
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Taiwanese interior design is well known for its elegant minimalism. Case in point, see this tranquil countryside hideaway and this marble-adorned city dwelling. It should come as no surprise then to see that our latest Taiwanese home tour is another lesson in how to do modern simplicity – and I simply love it. Keep reading to see more.

Simple and modern open plan living and dining space in a Taiwanese family home | NONAGON.style


Set in the heart of Taiwan, Originality by Musen Design was designed for a young family of three. Of top priority was the creation of a warm family home with open spaces and lots of storage. As such, an open plan living, dining and kitchen space makes up the bulk of the home, complete with plenty of clever inbuilt storage features.

Wood and stainless steel-filled open plan kitchen and dining space of a Taiwanese family home | NONAGON.style

Modern Simplicity

To get that modern simplicity look down to a tee, Musen Design cut out all trivial or flamboyant decorations. Instead, it’s the subtle mix of textures which draw the eye, along with a carefully curated mix of fine furniture.

Simple and modern living space in a Taiwanese family home with leather and industrial accents | NONAGON.style

Home Sweet Home

Notice the slight ceiling detail? In a nod to the typical image of a family home, it was designed to resemble a slanted rooftop. For Musen Design, this is the most interesting part of the whole project because of its feeling of plainness and childlike purity.

Modern open plan living and dining space with sloped wood ceiling in a Taiwanese family home | NONAGON.style

“The details play a fairly important role when it comes to the integrity of design” – Musen Design

Taiwanese Family Home: Modern kitchen and dining space with wood and industrial details | NONAGON.style

Kitchen Details

In the kitchen, a newly-added island and solid wood dining table anchor the space, forming a square circulation layout. The long lines of this setup works to visibly elongate the room, making the kitchen both look and feel bigger.

Taiwanese Family Home: Modern dining room with wood table and industrial accents | NONAGON.style
Taiwanese Family Home: Open plan living space with leather arm chair and hanging pendant lights | NONAGON.style

When designing the kitchen island, Musen Design kept the stainless steel top thinner so as to make the overall aesthetic sleeker. The lower part of the island is reserved for storage.

Warmth and Elegance

Elsewhere in the home, the theme of modern simplicity continues. In the master bedroom, the aesthetic takes a brighter turn, with a pale gray textured wallpaper detail and metallic accents.

Taiwanese Family Home: Simple modern rustic bedroom with wood headboard and metallic bedside lamps | NONAGON.style

Wallpaper may seem out of place in a modern contemporary home, but here it works to add depth to the room. Even in this design detail though, Musen Design have kept it simple, opting to set the wallpaper at half wall height.

Taiwanese Family Home: Simple elegant living room with white sofa and industrial accents | NONAGON.style

Color Me Gone

As was to be expected from an aesthetic of modern simplicity, the use of color in this home is sparse. Even in the kid’s room, whites and pale creams are the palette of choice.

Taiwanese Family Home: Simple kids room design with teepee and toy car details | NONAGON.style

Rather than turning to bright vibrant color, whimsical accents, such as the toy car and a playful teepee, make this space child-appropriate. In fact, this is a great idea for those parents wanting to design a nursery or kids room with longevity. By starting with a neutral base, you can simply switch up the accessories as and when your child grows older.

Taiwanese Family Home: Simple seating area with Scandi-inspired chairs and minimalist accents | NONAGON.style

Final Thoughts

All too often when designing our home, we get so hung up on making a statement. Whether that’s through a striking feature wall or a larger than life design piece. With the Originality home, the raison d’etre is the complete opposite. Yet in doing so, Musen Design have perhaps made one of the boldest statements of all – that simplicity can be beautiful too.

What do you think of this Taiwanese family home?


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