Sophistication and Elegance in London Family Home |
Sophistication and Elegance in London Family Home

Sophistication and Elegance in London Family Home

The Talbot Road Home Tour

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on August 13th 2016
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

Talbot Road


Step inside for a tour around this family home in London’s Notting Hill. The home owners were looking for a simple but elegant interior for this five bedroom house. The spaces are now warm and welcoming, with plenty of bright areas and modern styling.

White contemporary kitchen with staircase | Talbot Road Home Tour |

The main goal of this home renovation was to modernize and boost storage spaces for the growing family. The area under the stairs has been fitted with cupboards for additional space, and the cabinetry uses sleek white fittings to keep the space looking fresh and contemporary.

Hanging lighting in this white contemporary kitchen | Talbot Road Home Tour |

The kitchen and dining room on the lower ground floor were opened into one large open plan area. The surfaces were fitted with quartz worktops.

Kitchen island in sea of herringbone parquet | Talbot Road Home Tour |
White contemporary kitchen with staircase and hanging lamps above the kitchen island | Talbot Road Home Tour |

The banister for the staircase was replaced with glass panels to allow more light into the hallway, and give the kitchen an open feel. I quite like the visual contrast of the staircase as the dark lines pop out like a pattern against the white walls.

Kitchen island in contemporary white kitchen | Talbot Road Home Tour |

The dining room area here has doors that lead out to the garden. It’s quite typical in Notting Hill homes to have the street entrance a little higher than the back, so this is the lower ground floor area. While basement areas are usually considered dark and gloomy, there is a a lot of light brought in to the room with floor to ceiling windows on either side, and a skylight installed above the table.

Minimal interiors in London house | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Keep your kitchen areas light and bright with natural materials, and you will find it much more enjoyable to cook and prepare food. When a home has enough kitchen storage, it’s a lot easier to keep the area tidy too.

Art on the wall with hanging lighting over the dining table | Talbot Road Home Tour |

In addition to bar seating at the far end of the island, there is a dining table for sit down meals. It’s great to have different layers of seating in the kitchen. I find that the kitchen often becomes the center of social engagements, as all activities eventually lead towards eating!

Kitchen stack with fridge, oven and microwave | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Living room is low slung with space for the children to play | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Hallway with floating wooden shelf | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Staircase with lighting in the skirting | Talbot Road Home Tour |

These lights are so pleasing to the eye, and also useful to make sure you can see your way up.

From the master bedroom, with a peek into the walk in closet through to the bathroom | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Upstairs is the master bedroom in grounded earthy tones. The appeal for neutral colors is that they lean well towards a classic and sophisticated look. It was one of the most interesting parts of the project to design, incorporating the walk in wardrobe area and bathroom beyond.

Walk in wardrobe links bedroom to bathroom | Talbot Road Home Tour |

The en suite bathroom begins here, with the storage space for clothes and shoes. However, a dressing room is more than an area for your socks, but a great way to clear your head and get things organized. Having a well planned space between the bathroom and bedroom will make it easier to keep clothes stored and out of sight. That means the bedroom itself will be easier to keep clear, leading to busy-free surroundings and a restful night’s sleep.

Master bathroom with ceramic tiles and slate flooring | Talbot Road Home Tour |
White bathroom with slate floor tiles and ceramic mosaic skirting | Talbot Road Home Tour |

I love the tiles paired with the dark slate flooring. The rounded bathtub alongside the soft lighting from the shutters gives off that spa feel. Perfect for bubble baths and relaxation mode.

Tiny square tiles create rose blush wall for the sink | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Built in alcove shelving in the bathroom | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Bathroom features a shower with glass door | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Storage also hides the TV | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Another element to the master bedroom was this wardrobe which was wide enough to hide the television.

Octopus print on navy blue with yellow carpet | Talbot Road Home Tour |
Cupboard in the children's bedroom with wardrobe | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Take note of the individual animal shapes for the door handles – so cute. The blue, white and yellow lanterns tie the color theme of the room together.

Gray tile backsplash | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Instead of a shower curtain, this bathroom has been fitted with a glass door for the shower that can be pushed back flat against the wall. Lots of great space saving ideas here, too, like the under sink storage area.

Bathroom with a spotlight |
Rubber ducks and storage items provide grayscale decor | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Bathrooms are not always the biggest spaces, and it’s hard because you can’t just move furniture around to get to different parts like you can in the bedroom or living room. So shelves are great space savers because you are eliminating the need to open doors that can be a hindrance.

Cross hatch gray ceramic tiles for bathroom backsplash | Talbot Road Home Tour |

I really like the cross hatch pattern of the tiles. They are so eye catching! The metal accents of the handles make a great contrast against the softer lines.

Bathroom backsplash features marble subway ceramic tiles | Talbot Road Home Tour |

Sophisticated and contemporary, it’s a great example of classic styles in a family home. The staircase is a gorgeous element, and the walk in dressing room in the master bedroom shows a thoughtful design flow.


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