Tech Review: Modsy Online Interior Design Service |
Tech Review: We Tried Modsy’s Online Interior Design Service

Tech Review: We Tried Modsy’s Online Interior Design Service

And loved it!

Written by –
Jess Ng
on June 12th 2018
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Even if you have the gift of good taste and a strong sense of personal style, designing a home is a daunting task. From deciding a functional layout, to ensuring that your furniture actually looks good together, there’s so much to think about when it comes to styling a space. It’s no wonder that most people enlist the expertise of a design professional. Now, thanks to online decorating service Modsy, doing so is easier than ever before.

Modsy Render: Bright white dressing area with boho accents |

What is Modsy?

Modsy is a personalized home design solution – with a techy twist. The brand uses advanced 3D visualization technology to create 360-degree room renderings based on your own individual style and using real life products from brands such as West Elm and Crate & Barrel. They essentially do all the legwork of interior design for you, including coming up with layout, furniture and decor recommendations.

Modsy Render: Arched doorway framing a bright living room with pendant light accent |

How Does It Work?

Modsy promises a simple, easy to use service – and guess what? They’re completely right. Here’s how I got on when I gave Modsy a go for myself.

Modsy Render: Bright contemporary living room with leather sofa and contemporary desk |

Step One: Project Specifications

The first thing I had to do was fill in my project specifications. This included basic admin information, including which room I was planning to design and my budget.

Modsy: Online interior design service |

On first impressions, I should say that I’m impressed with the aesthetics of the site. It looks clean, simple and beautiful, and makes me feel confident in the professionalism and quality of Modsy.

Step Two: Pricing

Next on the agenda – deciding on a price plan. Currently, Modsy have two price options: the ‘Modsy Design Experience’, priced at US$69 per room, and the ‘Modsy Plus Design Experience’, which costs US$199 per room.

Modsy Render: Bright living room with wooden accents and round mirror |

You can read more about the specific differences here on the Modsy website, but essentially with the ‘Modsy Plus’ experience you get to enjoy a personal ‘Live Style Session’ with your stylist. For the purposes of this review, I was offered the opportunity to go the whole hog with the full design experience. But make sure to keep reading to find out which I personally think is more worth it!

Step Three: Photos and Measurements

For this next step, Modsy want to know your room specifications. This requires uploading as many photos and measurements of your space as possible. In Modsy’s defense, they have tried to make this process as straightforward as possible. But I still found myself getting frustrated with the task.

Modsy: Online interior design service |

The way Modsy’s instructions are set up currently is based upon the assumption that your room is a standard square or rectangle shape. But what happens when your space is a little more unique?

Modsy: Photo submissions |
Example photo submissions

My room has extra corners and an additional door. What’s more, the photos were supposed to include both the ceiling and floor in one shot, but my room is tall and was difficult to capture both. While I did my best with the instructions I was given, ultimately Modsy had to get back in touch with me for more information.

Step Four: Style Quiz

This next step was probably my favorite. It involved taking a Style Quiz in order to give your stylist an idea of your design tastes and preferences. Even if you’re not sure what your design style is, the quiz presents you with a range of room inspirations so you can figure this out.

Modsy Style Quiz |

One note of advice from me on this is to consider taking this quiz multiple times. I retook the quiz three or four times, and it wasn’t until the last couple of tries that I was getting a consistent result that I felt accurately reflected my design style.

Step Six: The Results

After submitting everything to Modsy, all there was left to do was wait. The turnover time ended up being an impressive seven days – not bad for two detailed, fully rendered designs. Take a look at what they came up with below.

Modsy Render: Bright refined modern bedroom with white accents and leather pouf |
Design 1

All in all, I loved the designs that came back. I thought that they captured my style of ‘Refined Modern’ to a tee, with a good mix of mid-century and modern classic touches.

Modsy Render: Bright white bedroom with blue and wood accents |
Design 2

There were, however, a couple of design details that I felt were missing from the space. For instance, I would have liked to see more storage solutions. In addition, I loved the idea of the dressing space from the second design, but preferred the overall look of the first. Luckily for me, that’s where my personal ‘Live Style Session’ came in handy.

Step Seven: Live Style Session

For my ‘Live Style Session’ I was paired with Modsy designer, Karina. Through a shared screen and conference call setup, I was able to discuss my concerns and ideas with Karina whilst she made changes to the design right in front of my eyes.

Modsy Render: Bright white bedroom with large window and warm yellow accents |
The final design

For me, it was this aspect of the Modsy experience that really set it apart from the crowd, making the higher price option completely worth it. This element of discussion and collaboration was not only fun and inspiring, but it also gave me the confidence to find my design voice.

What Happens Next?

What happens next is really up to you. Modsy’s in-built personal shopping service allows you to buy all the products in your render at once, making it super easy to turn into reality. Of course, there is no obligation to purchase the suggested products. You may also simply choose to use the renders as inspiration to kick-start your design journey.

Final Thoughts

Modsy Render: Emerald green living room with velvet sofa and metallic accents |

How Does Modsy Match up to a Real Life Interior Designer?

To me, Modsy and an interior designer fulfill two different purposes. With an interior designer, there’s more of an expectation to hand over the reigns completely. On the other hand, Modsy is more of a design consultant. As the wonderful Karina explained, Modsy designers are more like friends of their clients – friends with really good style advice. They’re both a starting point and a sounding board for you to go forth and eventually design the room of your dreams.

Modsy Render: Contemporary living room with gray sofa and artwork |

Would I Recommend Modsy?

If you’re looking for style advice as opposed to an all-in-one service, I would definitely recommend Modsy. The whole experience with the Modsy team was by and large seamless and straightforward. I also loved the quality of the renders that were produced! I would say that Modsy will probably be of most benefit to those who are designing a home for the first time. Modsy is a lot less of a commitment than hiring an interior designer, yet the visual render aspect is great for giving you the confidence to invest in your home style.


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