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Terrazzo Is Still Trending: These Five Rooms Show Exactly Why

Terrazzo Is Still Trending: These Five Rooms Show Exactly Why

The new marble

Written by –
Jess Ng
on January 28th 2019
Born and raised in the UK, Jess is NONAGON’s resident historian turned marketer turned writer, drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of dim sum breakfasts and bustling city life. A foodie who loves to cook, food occupies 70% of her brain 90% of the time. When not eating, Jess can typically be found buried in a book or obsessing over making NONAGON’s Instagram #feedgoals.

With yet another pin of a dazzling speckled bathroom, terrazzo’s return to the design fold is complete. The takeover has officially reached full circle – and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to marble’s cheaper, more sustainable sister, the more the merrier!


Of course, terrazzo is not a new creation. With roots dating back to medieval Italy, the fine stone alternative became especially popular in the 20th century when mechanization drastically cut down its production costs. Since then, it’s been featured in an array of design aesthetics – from mid-century to Memphis. And though it’s true that terrazzo suffered a fall from grace in the nineties, it’s now back and even better than before. Mark my words, terrazzo is trending. Here are five rooms which showcase exactly why.

Trendspotting Terrazzo

Marmoreal Madness

A chic statement bathroom by RP Miller takes the saying ‘go big or go home’ to heart. And the design world is all the better for it.

Statement terrazzo bathroom with marmoreal tile and gold accents | NONAGON.style
image source

This particular form of terrazzo is marmoreal – an engineered marble featuring larger chunks of colorful Italian stone. It was created by British designer Max Lamb in collaboration with terrazzo experts Dzek, and has notably played a starring role in the fashion-forward Maison Kitsuné Paris flagship. Très chic indeed.

Statement terrazzo bathroom with marmoreal tile and bathtub | NONAGON.style
image source

Here, I like how the white, black and gold accents subtly complement the terrazzo instead of trying to outshine it. That confetti-like visual is the star of the show, and she knows it.

Think Pink

While marble stands for uptown sophistication, terrazzo is its fun-loving, kitschy counterpart. Think of it as the wild aunt of the tile family: slightly kooky, in a cute but cool way.

Pink bathroom with statement terrazzo backsplash and natural clay walls | NONAGON.style
image source

Its quirky personality makes terrazzo the ideal match for an eclectic space. And this pretty in pink bathroom takes full advantage of the fact. The speckled details of this backsplash adds texture to the otherwise matte clay wall. It stands out without hogging the limelight.

Pink bathroom with terrazzo backsplash and chic black accents | NONAGON.style
image source

Chic black metal accents complete the look, adding polish and refinement to the overall saccharine aesthetic. A touch of green in the form of some Insta-worthy foliage adds an organic finishing touch.

Gray Matter

If you truly insist on putting a minimalist twist on terrazzo, simply make like JUMA Architects and take out the color.

Minimalist gray kitchen with statement terrazzo wall and open shelves | NONAGON.style
image source

Okay, so this isn’t technically terrazzo – it’s a natural stone with a very similar effect. Nevertheless, I love how the gray-scale, terrazzo-esque speckle makes for a glossier take on industrial concrete. There’s a delicacy and a lightness here. Overall, the look reads like an elevated take on warehouse chic.

Contemporary minimalist gray kitchen with statement terrazzo stone wall and open shelving | NONAGON.style
image source

Open shelves are still a crowd favorite, adding functionality without taking anything away from the wall details. Monochrome accessories ensure that the final look is perfectly in sync.

Green with Envy

What happens when terrazzo and Art Deco collide? Good things apparently, as demonstrated by Play Associates’ marmoreal-topped kitchen unit.

Bright minimalist kitchen with statement Art Deco cupboard featuring a marmoreal terrazzo surface | NONAGON.style
image source

Emerald green and gold go together like cheese and the finest wine. It’s my all-time favorite color combination when it comes to the Art Deco aesthetic. Despite the boldness of these hues, the marmoreal terrazzo more than holds its own thanks to the material’s natural texture, which offers an organic counterpoint to the high gloss.

Statement emerald green and gold kitchen unit with marmoreal terrazzo surface | NONAGON.style
image source

The rest of the look favors simplicity. White, punctuated with wood accents and indoor plants, introduce an element of rusticity. There’s a lot going on in this space, yet the careful balance of drama and restraint makes for a cohesive final look.

Royal Blue

Though the majority of this round up features terrazzo in private residential settings, this commercial work space, designed by Cordero Atelier, proves that this stone option can do it all.

Bohemian eclectic office featuring marmoreal terrazzo and royal blue velour accents | NONAGON.style
image source

Granted, this eclectic enclave is not your traditional office set up. The terrazzo here in fact works to add polish to the bohemian aesthetic. Meanwhile, royal blue velour accents pick up on the darker hues of the stone chippings beautifully, bringing a richness to the space.

Boho eclectic living space with vintage furnishings and statement terrazzo detail | NONAGON.style
image source

A curated collection of vintage wood furnishings ties the final look together. Overall, I just love how unexpected this space is. It exudes a feeling of old-world nostalgia, taking terrazzo back to its design roots.


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