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Bean Buro’s Terrazzo River Is Tailor-Made for Urban Compact Living

Bean Buro’s Terrazzo River Is Tailor-Made for Urban Compact Living

When modern flow meets urban reality

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on May 5th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

Terrazzo River


The “Terrazzo River” project by Bean Buro has transformed a nondescript apartment in the western part of Hong Kong‘s Mid-Levels into a modern family home that merges beauty and practicality. With this project, the Bean Buro team, led by architects Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Lorène Faure, Isabella Ducoli, and Gigi Kwong, aimed to translate Hong Kong’s natural scenes into the home’s interior architectural language. Now, a spatial experience of continuous curves abound. Let’s take a look.

Terrazzo River: Dining area with display niches and copper accents designed by Bean Buro |

Go with the “Flow”

“The concept of the ‘river’ via a terrazzo floor finish is a circulation strategy that encourages a smooth flow throughout the open sociable spaces of the apartment while articulating the architectural volumes along its route to create private spaces.” — Kinugasa-Tsui

Terrazzo River: Bean Buro-designed entrance foyer lined in authentic brown leather orients towards the balcony |

From the entrance foyer, a balcony which overlooks the bustling Hong Kong streets is just visible beyond the shared social living space. Coated in authentic brown leather, the foyer is well complemented by the muted tones of the open plan living, dining and kitchen area that lies ahead.

Terrazzo River: Contemporary open plan dining room with cabinet storage designed by Bean Buro |

What is most interesting about this apartment is its ‘river’ concept. In design terms, this translates to free-flowing transitions instead of traditional architectural elements of square blocks.

Contemporary family apartment design by Bean Buro featuring terrazzo accents |

With this approach, the designers were able to bring connectivity, complexity, and the dynamics of contemporary urbanism to the fore. Here, innovative design of spatial construction ultimately enables the clients – a young family of four – to experience ease of fluidity.

Terrazzo River: Contemporary open plan living and dining room designed by Bean Buro |

The light wood flooring installed throughout the dwelling serves to unify the entire house. A palette of neutral pink, gray and white provides a simple and plain backdrop for statement accent pieces to shine.

Terrazzo design detail in a modern family apartment by Bean Buro |
Terrazzo River: Leather, wood and marble accents in a modern apartment designed by Bean Buro |
“To hit a tone of luxury with freshness, we carefully composed a materials palette using leather, terrazzo, metal, timber, and soft muted paint colours. The overall feel is simple and elegant.” – Faure

Terrazzo River: Contemporary open plan living space designed by Bean Buro |

Display niches illuminated by concealed LED light strips work as an eye-catching centerpiece in the dining room.

Terrazzo River: Open display area with copper detail designed by Bean Buro |

Whether filled with the father’s precious Chinese antiques or the children’s ‘nanoblock’ collection, this space allows for the owner’s to introduce their personality into the design.

Terrazzo River: Concealed LED light strips highlight custom display niches designed by Bean Buro |

These decorative displays are supported by copper accents, and work as a natural transition into the living area.

Compact Space, Grand Living

Compact living is a growing trend for those based in the city – a fact that rings double true when taking into account Hong Kong’s house prices. As such, more and more homeowners are gravitating towards space-saving furnishings in order to make the best use of a limited footprint.

Terrazzo River: Bedroom design by Bean Buro featuring marble and copper accents |

Taking inspiration from this concept, Bean Buro implemented a design strategy of “compact living” in the bedroom suites in an effort to maximize usage of each room.

Terrazzo River: Close-up of large marble wall lighting fixtures in a bedroom designed by Bean Buro |

Elegance and femininity define the daughter’s bedroom thanks to marble shelves and lighting fixtures.

Terrazzo River: Bedroom design by Bean Buro with wood accents |

Meanwhile, the son’s bedroom suite features a co-working study space that can be shared with his parents’ master bedroom.

Terrazzo River: Leather chair and desk details in a bedroom designed by Bean Buro |

Concealed partition doors allow the study to be closed off from both of the bedroom suites for privacy.

Terrazzo River: Modern living pod concept featuring an elevated bed platform atop designed by Bean Buro |

Inside the son’s bedroom, a sculptural wooden “living pod” houses a sleep and storage unit with integrated AV entertainment.

Terrazzo River: Modern living pod concept with integrated AV entertainment and storage designed by Bean Buro |

The bed is fixed on an elevated platform atop the wooden pod. Meanwhile, a storage and TV station has been installed at a low level outside the pod so that the room can simultaneously function as an entertainment area.

Final Thoughts

Filled with ingenious custom multi-functional furnishings and storage, this apartment is tailor-made for urban living. Complete with an architectural discourse of dynamic connectivity and fluidity, it’s the perfect home to inspire functional family living.

What do you think of Bean Buro’s modern residential apartment design?


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