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Inside Designer Terry Hunziker’s Seattle Apartment

Inside Designer Terry Hunziker’s Seattle Apartment

Stylishly rich and timelessly classic

Written by –
Jess Ng
on May 2nd 2019
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Seattle Apartment


While Instagram may be championing the white walled Scandi-minimalist aesthetic, leave it to designer Terry Hunziker to show us another way forward. With warm textures, solid wood furnishings and an abundance of art, Hunziker’s Seattle apartment is stylishly rich and timelessly classic. Best of all? There’s not a white wall in sight. Keep scrolling to see more.

Warm apartment design by Terry Hunziker featuring rich textures and art | NONAGON.style

“I want guests to feel that they have entered a space that reflects who I am, what I am all about and a feeling of serenity.” – Hunziker

Open plan dining room with wood furnishings and fireplace detail by Terry Hunziker | NONAGON.style


What is immediately striking about Hunziker’s home is the amount of character this place has. The 3000 square-foot apartment is part of a 1898 brick building located in the historic Pioneer Square District of Seattle. As such, the space has good bones.

Living room designed by Terry Hunziker featuring artwork and plush decorative rug | NONAGON.style

The tall ceilings, large terrace and city views were an obvious draw for the designer. As was his personal history with the building. “I worked in Pioneer Square when I first came to Seattle in 1969, before it became the upscale place it is today,” Hunziker explains.

Modern classical living room design by Terry Hunziker featuring minimalist artwork and rich textured carpet | NONAGON.style

Labor of Love

Of course, this apartment didn’t just come together overnight. It’s very much been a labor of love for Hunziker. The home originally started as two separate side-by-side flats before being merged together in 1995. Since then, the apartment has undergone a series of renovations, including expansion to a second floor level.

Entryway of Terry Hunziker's Seattle apartment featuring warm tones and artwork | NONAGON.style

“My primary concerns had to do with structural integrity: we had to reinforce areas between units.” – Hunziker

Terry Hunziker's Seattle apartment features an abundance of artwork | NONAGON.style

Elsewhere, the existing windows were manipulated so that they appear taller and narrower. This was achieved by building out between each window, then coming back in to cover the existing frames. For the final touch, new steel and glass French doors were installed in front of the original double hung windows.

Warm modern classical apartment by Terry Hunziker featuring striking artwork | NONAGON.style

Open Plan Meets Floating Planes

Downstairs in the main living space, Hunziker has kept a largely open plan design. Rooms, or zones, are defined by a series of free-floating wall planes and distinct material changes.


Look closely and you’ll also see that the sections closest to the floors and ceiling are held away from each other by a small gap, further reinforcing this notion of flow.

Warm Terry Hunziker interior design featuring Irving Penn artwork | NONAGON.style
Classic living room design by Terry Hunziker with bookshelf detail and wood-accented furniture | NONAGON.style

“Another [successful] element [of the apartment] was an intentional suggestion of a horizontal line running along many walls by the use of wall hung ledges, each at the same height.” – Hunziker

Home office library design by Terry Hunziker featuring shelving and artwork | NONAGON.style

Industrial Schoolhouse

Aesthetics-wise, Maison de Verre, Paris and all things industrial were a huge influence for Hunziker. In the designer’s own words, “there’s a subtle factory or old schoolhouse aesthetic, but made warm and comfortable through the use of rich materials.”

Modern minimal kitchen design by Terry Hunziker featuring brass-plated cabinets | NONAGON.style

The apartment is filled with custom elements designed in collaboration with local Seattle artisans, including the late David Gulassa. In addition to being the designer’s home, the apartment very much functions as an environment for working out ideas that Hunziker later brings to his clients’ projects.

Coffee table styling featuring wood accents in an apartment designed by Terry Hunziker | NONAGON.style

“The spaces are about materials: to celebrate the beauty of common and not so common materials used in an unconventional way; and the use of contrasting elements such as light with dark, smooth with rough, gloss with matte.” – Hunziker

Luxury bathroom design by Terry Hunziker featuring bold artwork and marble accents | NONAGON.style


Throughout the apartment, carefully selected artworks complement and frame the space. The integration of art feels beautifully organic – the mark of a true professional.

Cozy home office design by Terry Hunziker featuring rare artwork and warm textures | NONAGON.style

From a rare Mimmo Palladino graphite on paper to the Martin Chambri photograph of a Peruvian giant, the collection is representative of Hunziker’s modern eclectic design style.

Modern classical apartment design by Terry Hunziker featuring an abundance of artwork | NONAGON.style

“Perhaps my favorite work is an anonymous painting hung above my bedroom ledge”, shares Hunziker. “[It’s] a piece I found in a Paris flea market many years ago. I think whoever made this painting had a masterful understanding of the human body and the depiction of flesh in paint.”

Outdoor roof terrace of Terry Hunziker's Seattle apartment featuring greenery and blue seating | NONAGON.style

Final Thoughts

Reflecting upon the differences between designing for himself and designing for a client, Hunziker settles upon a practical response: money. “I like designing for myself if there were an unlimited budget. [Otherwise] I prefer designing for clients who have the budget, vision, and trust to allow me to do the best job.”


Overall, after seeing the triumphal success of Hunziker’s apartment, we bet there’ll be a line of such clients waiting. Who else can’t wait to see what the designer does next?

What do you think of Terry Hunziker’s apartment?


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