Thanksgiving Feast for the Eyes - More than just a Cornucopia |
Thanksgiving Feast for the Eyes – More than just a Cornucopia

Thanksgiving Feast for the Eyes – More than just a Cornucopia

Winter is coming, and it has never felt more warm and homely. As it is the time for us to get together with our loved ones, it is Thanksgiving!

Marcella Wong
Written by –
Marcella Wong
on November 13th 2019
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
You would find Marcella at her best either sourcing for interior design or home decor products, or in the kitchen exploring her gourmet paradise.

Have you been getting a head start in planning your thanksgiving dinner table’s tablescape?

We figured that you would want a kick in this year’s dinner table decor game. Here are some unique Thanksgiving home decor ideas!

The Protagonist of Thanksgiving – Turkey

Nothing is more welcoming than a good old turkey centrepiece on your dinner table.

Let’s try to spice things up with a metallic touch this year!

Such a vivid yet subtle look gives the centrepiece more versatility to match with the whole colour scheme of your table for gratitude, so that it can be reused every year no matter what style you are going for! Environmentally conscious and easily the highlight of your table decor!

Thanksgiving interior design homedecor Turkey Centrepiece
Thanksgiving interior design homedecor Turkey Centrepiece | image source
Thanksgiving Table Setting Tablescape with Turkey Centerpiece1 between the porch
White ceramics turkey centrepiece can be really versatile to match with any theme colour palette | image source

The Happiness of Harvesting – Fruit

When it comes to Thanksgiving table decor, fruits and harvests are no strangers to the scene.

Take a look at these state-of-the-art Murano glass fruit pieces, all handmade and blown by great artists in the Italian island.

Murano has been the home to great glass artisans and craftsmen since 1291. Only glasswares or figurines made on this island, with their exceptional clarity and vivid color, can be trademarked as Murano Glass.

We are sure it would amuse every guest on your table and add a splash of jubilance to the night!

Thanksgiving interior design homedecor Murano Glass Fruits
Murano Glass Fruit Bowls As Thanksgiving Centrepiece would definitely increase your appetite. | image source
Thanksgiving interior design homedecor Murano Glass Grape
Handmade Murano Glass Grapes for your Thanksgiving Centrepiece | image source
Thanksgiving interior design homedecor Murano Glass Pear
Handmade Murano Glass Pear, as realistic as it gets! | image source

The all-time favorite and go-to option – Dough Bowl Centrepiece

If you would like to opt for a more rustic and intimate version of centrepiece, the dough bowl with its natural decor material would be the perfect choice! The centrepiece doesn’t have to be a rectangle, since an irregular shape would be able to accommodate more design features and be more fun to work with!

Grab yourself a pumpkin and some leafy greens, preferably dried and Autumn-washed, to bring in a whiff of Fall scent into the house. With the pumpkins we had from Halloween and dry branches from backyard, all you need now is just a container for the base, then you are all good to go! And we have the perfect option for you!

thanksgiving dough bowl centepiece palmgrovefarmhouse1
Doughbowl - A beautiful rustic touch to yotu Thanksgiving tablescape | image source
thanksgiving dough bowl centepiece
You can be really creative with the dough bowl and put literally anything on it to match your Thanksgiving dinner Theme! | image source
thanksgiving dough bowl centepiece 2
Consider an unusual natural material doughbowl as the base of your centrepiece!

One of our favorite festivals of all time, one that punctuates with gratefulness the beautiful year we have had up to this point, is only weeks away. 

A time when the wind blows and sings the Autumn song and leaves dance along the path created by breezes and touches the ground lightly. 

That’s how we know it is time to look back at the past year and be grateful for what we have learnt.

Happy Thanksgiving in advance everybody!


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