This Attic Apartment Boasts Two Bars and a Dome Roof |
This Attic Apartment Boasts Two Bars and a Dome Roof

This Attic Apartment Boasts Two Bars and a Dome Roof

Eclectic styles in beautiful harmony

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on May 6th 2019
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In this full-floor two-story apartment in Barcelona, you’ll find lofty open rooms set with a modern classic look and a myriad of styles that indulge in the homeowners’ personalities, offering a sophisticated masculine feel for the home office and a feminine chic in the private quarters. Not only do the architectural features look stunning with attention to stylish cornice and well planned spaces, there is a roof dome that creates a unique flow to both the roof and the home office. Stretched over 750m2, the apartment boasts two bar areas — or make that three if you’re counting the breakfast bar!

Formal living room in Atico home tour, design by Egue y Seta | See more on

Enter the living room, a formal room with a simple gray-white decor using pattern and texture in these hues to elevate the room. Looking perfectly regal with cabriole sofas and chandeliers, the room is a great place to welcome guests before heading to the dining room attached.

White and gray color palette, using textiles and textures to create depth around room |
Formal living room with chandelier and a white/gray color palette |

According to designers Egue y Seta, the design inspirations for the home were extensive and varied. “Classic luxury homes; imperial decor; colonial chic; urban Japanese; contemporary Mediterranean; Provençal Country… to name just a few. This home is like a compilation of different styles,” explained founding director Felipe Araujo. One of the most interesting parts of the project was “understanding the clients’ needs and very specific desires for each of the rooms. To have clients requesting such a wide repertoire of decor choices in a single home is not all that common. It was a challenge to make it all work together.”

Formal living room with chandelier and a white/gray color palette |
Living room decor with yellow art, gold lamp and mirrors on neutral background |
Large dining table with many chairs |

The dining table seats twelve, comfortably! The color palette lengthens through from the living room, making the transition seamless in style. You get a sense of French chic, accented with the style of furniture, silver candelabras and Tour Eiffel on the wall.

Formal dining chairs with silver candelabra |
Living room sofa with white and gray stripe couch |
Dining room with white chairs, long glass table and gray drape curtains |
Glass dining table twelve seater |
Kitchen tiles and wood floors |

The kitchen features timber flooring, with a highlighted section in black and white tiles. What we love about this room is the overhead planters that add life and lift to the room. Plenty of storage in the kitchen is a must, and we come across one of the first bars of the home — the breakfast bar!

Kitchen breakfast bar |
Inspired by French kitchens, with black and white tiles, a big cooker range, and timber flooring |
Breakfast bar and kitchen island in family home |
Breakfast bar serving orange juice |
Breakfast cereal section in kitchen |
Barcelona family apartment two-story home tour |

In the hallway, this hideaway nook boasts a wine cellar as a backdrop, accessible from the dining room. It’s all a big upgrade from the original look and feel of the home. Although you could tell “the place was always meant to be impressive and luxurious,” the early state before the project was completed was far from polished. The layout was very different, but by opening up the kitchen it’s become more grand, more spacious and more livable. The terraces which had previously been abandoned and unfurnished, are now a huge bonus!

Wine cellar part of the hallway decor |
Wine cellar part of the hallway decor |
Gray and white powder room guest toilet bathroom |
Sliding door between master bedroom and the en suite bathroom |

The master bedroom features an en suite bathroom, with a sauna tucked in for at home spa care! Classic subway tiles create a neutral space, and a nod to the plant section in the bathroom making full use of the bathroom skylight and creating a garden oasis.

Sauna room and bathtub side by side |
Bathroom with full bath tub and a shower space, connected to the master bedroom |
Steam room in the en suite bathroom for master suite of this luxurious Barcelona apartment |
Bathroom with bath tub and shower space in simple classic style |
En suite bathroom with plants under the skylight |

We asked Egue y Seta about the way the home owners’ personality shines through in the home. It’s “everywhere,” says Araujo. “We actually take pride in saying our projects reflect not necessarily the studio’s style, or our own preferences but those very specific to each client. The “travel” theme of the library, the colonial style of the office bar, the pink princess atmosphere of the daughter’s bedroom, the Provençal feel of the kitchen and the cinema motif of the game room, were all requested by the client.”


Curious about the other rooms? Hold tight!

Master bedroom with white and gray color palette |
Chair and ottoman with plants, a relaxing vibe in the corner of the master bedroom |
Master bedroom with curtain drapes and chandelier |
Dressing room complete with chandelier and vanity table |
Dressing room complete with chandelier |
Classic corridor |
Princess bedroom with a bunk bed and a slide

In the daughter’s bedroom we’re treated to a real princess castle. The pink pinstripe wallpaper is matched with pink tiles in the en suite bathroom. Yes, that is a slide from the top bunk!


The nursery next door is a more laid back room, featuring animals, but still sharing child-like whimsy and hints of demure pink.

Princess bedroom with a bunk bed and a slide |
Pink bathroom for a little princess | Gold clawfoot bath tub pink polka dot tiles |
Pink bathroom for a little princess |
Nursery room in Barcelona family apartment |
Sneak a view into this ensuite bathroom for the nursery room |
Bathroom features two sinks |
Masculine bar area in family home |

Here’s where the fun begins. This room is where the entertaining happens, a cocktail bar with a cozy space to hang out. The dark colors work well, paired with wood and leather for dusty tones and geometric shapes. It’s a space connected to the home office, suitable for entertaining clients or relaxing with a bourbon after working.

Chesterfield sofa in a black room, surrounded by plants and two hanging lamps |
A fully stocked home bar, decorated in black and brown with geometric patterns |
Stocked home bar for plenty of fun! |
Chesterfield sofa in a dark room, with a stunning bar |
Masculine home bar with dark walls and geometric patterns |
Home office with round walls |

What an unusual shaped room! This round room is actually complete with a dome, and the round shape gives the room a unique perspective. The home office is given a blue and white color palette, simple and calming.

View from the home office into the bar, in Atico apartment designed by Egue y Seta |
Black subway tiles for chic and masculine bathroom |
View of the dome roof for Atico apartment designed by Egue y Seta |

On the terrace, you can see the dome in all its splendor. Previously this patio area had hardly been put to use, but now the chosen outdoor furniture make it a great spot to take those sundowners from bar to balcony.

Terrace with outdoor furniture, a sofa and blue cushions |
Light and breezy TV room and home office that leads to terrace and game room|

In another part of the home is this travel inspired space. It’s not only a TV room, but doubles as a game room, where billiards and arcade games mean fun time. It could be a strange mix but the transition from modern and classical to play time moves smoothly through the room.

Billiards and arcade room in apartment |
Red curtains and red carpet in the billiards room | Pool table |
Living room in Barcelona apartment |
Living room design |
Living room den and punching bag |

This might actually be our favorite room of the house. Laid back and colorful, this living room space actually doubles as a gym, just take a peak behind the sliding doors!

Gray couch with plenty of colorful cushions |
Punching bag and gym room concealed behind sliding doors |
Blue guest bedroom with map |

In the attic room, the guest bedroom is a demure and relaxing blue. We love the patterns that offer boho-chic while set against tall windows like a Charles Rennie Mackintosh backdrop.


But just you wait, as we’re getting to the bit you’ve been waiting for…

Blue bedroom with patterns |
Bar and dining area in outdoor rooftop, Barcelona home designed by Egue y Seta |

The rooftop bar offers the views you’ve been waiting for. Sun loungers, a pizza oven and that cocktail bar mean this is the perfect spot to unwind in the evening. Keep your eyes peeled for the hot tub!

Rooftop bar area in Barcelona family home |
Sun loungers on Barcelona family home, loft apartment |
Are you a fan of this rooftop dining area? |
Bar chairs in Barcelona apartment |
Roof views over Barcelona at sun set, the perfect spot for a cocktail |

The homeowners were more than pleased with their new home, feeling the different styles, tastes and personalities come together to make it a luxury family home with a heart. There is a mix of styles, yet none feel out of context through a tour of the home. The tricky bit is choosing which room is the best!

If you liked this home tour and want to see more from Egue y Seta, you should go to their profile by clicking here. You can see how they styled three identical layouts in three completely different ways, or a unique take on color blocking in this Barcelona apartment.


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