How to Bring the Tin Decor Trend Into Home Design |
Tin Is Trending: “Tinspiration” for Tin Interiors

Tin Is Trending: “Tinspiration” for Tin Interiors

Welcome to the tin decor revival

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on May 21st 2019
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Today, tin inspired interiors are on trend and can be discovered as a decorative motif everywhere; from ceilings to wallpapers, backsplashes and more. Owing to its ability to suit any style from luxurious to rustic and everything in-between, tin has pushed its way into the design world with momentum.


While there are many different aspects of tinspiration to choose from, there are some tried-and-true rules to follow when it comes to the pattern and placement of your tin. Below I’ve compiled a list of ways to work tins into your home decor. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Stylish Ways to Work the Tin Trend into Your Decor

On the Headboard

Tin Inspired Interiors: Stylish headboard using embossed ceiling tins |
image Contour Interior Designs

Create a dramatic accent wall by mixing and mingling tin tiles for the headboard. In this dreamy bedroom for a bachelor apartment, the accent wall uses vintage-looking ceiling tiles that were selected in six complementary patterns and colors, adding texture and depth to the headboard wall. The stunning look will not just lighten up the interior, but also livens up the mood.

Tin on Walls

Tin Inspired Interiors: Teal Tin Ceiling Tile Wallpaper |
image source

Spice your room up using the shiny tin-themed wallpaper murals to create that one-of-a-kind wall covering. What I like about the above wall is how opulent it feels, with the paint colors making it a gorgeous accent piece, paired flawlessly with vintage details in the room.

Tin Inspired Interiors: Decorative Tin Patterned Wallpaper Mural |
image source

For tin pairing, it’s artfully framed among other rustic elements such as the concrete floor and metallic hardware to bring together industrial beauty and an old-time nuances that are right on trend.

Tin Inspired Interiors: Interior design featuring corrugated metal panels |

For indoor outdoor industrial flair, look no further than corrugated tin sheets instead of embossed tin tiles. While corrugated tin has long been used primarily for the garden shed, or the barn roof, we are in an age where we are shifting our views on materials. When used indoors, the metallic sheen and symmetrical design will make it stand out from a mundane wall background.

Pressed Tin Backsplash

Tin Inspired Interiors: Silver colored pressed tin for kitchen backsplash |
image source

Kitchen backsplashes are traditionally made from tiles, granite, marble slabs, painted ceramic, and similar materials. However, these “pressed tin” backsplash panels are actually PVC while still boasting easy clean, high durability, and low maintenance is another perfect alternative for kitchen decor.


Using these as a decorative backsplash to the kitchen will provide your counter with functionality as well as charm and character. The silver look blends well into the kitchen decor scheme.

Add Tin Ceilings

If you’re not a fan of decorating walls with fabulous tin lookalike tiles, you may consider how to dress the ceiling. A staple of Victorian homes, tin-style ceilings have once again gained traction in the home design world at the moment. Who doesn’t love the charm and character a tin ceiling provides?

Tin Inspired Interiors: Faux tin ceiling tiles as backdrop to the pendant light |
image source

Achieve a decidedly antique look by installing vintage tins on the ceiling. You can use the tin ceiling as a backdrop of the pendant light or chandelier to bring instant charm and light.

Tin Inspired Interiors: Faux tin ceiling tiles in Spanish-style dining room |
image source

For those who prefer a sparkling effect, choose a shiny tin material so that the illumination shines through and brightens up the space. In contrast, if you simply need a shabby chic look, use weathered or distressed pieces to give your home a worn-in finish.

What’s your favorite tin inspired decor? Let us know in the comments below.


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