How to Turn Your Garden into a Cozy Sanctuary |
How to Turn Your Garden into a Cozy Sanctuary

How to Turn Your Garden into a Cozy Sanctuary

Making your garden the place you want to be most

Written by –
Jessie Hogarth
on May 15th 2018
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a cozy garden sanctuary? Do you see a sort of secret garden hidden away from prying eyes or does it have a vacation vibe with clean lines, wicker furniture and a fire pit? To turn your garden into a sanctuary, it has to fit with what a sanctuary means to you.


As no garden can, or should, account for all ideas we might have, I have set out a few tips for what you can incorporate into your garden, or how you can simply prepare for the summer relaxation.

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Start with Focal Points

In order to combine practicality and creativity, it is important to start with a plan. Choose the most important features you want in your garden and try to find their intended spots in it. The focal points can account for everything from interesting sculptures, vegetable gardens and patios.


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Only after planning these features should you think about how to connect them and make them complement each other.

Vegetable Garden

For some, the first thought on gardens are ‘flowers’ but what can be more healing than nurturing your own vegetable, fruit, or spice garden and even providing your own food. Choose a part of your garden for that purpose and create a small planting and storage area next to it, so that everything is on hand and nice and neat. After a hectic day, spending time outside in your garden, getting your hands dirty while planting your veggies may prove the best escape zone for some of us.



A veggie patch - always a welcome addition to the garden, and the kitchen |

By setting out a veggie garden, you might even start a new hobby and even experiment more when cooking with your own products. What can be better than that?

Flower Garden

Without trees, hedges, shrubs and flower beds, a garden is just a patch of land. With their unique shapes, colors and especially smells, you can provide shade and let your imagination run wild.


For a lush effect, plant larger, taller trees and scrubs at the edge of your property and in front of them plant somewhat shorter scrubs and other plants. Place plants and flowers right next to each other with little to no grass to spare. You can allow the dominant color green to take over your garden with only a few seasonal touches of colors but you can also plant a variety of flowers which differ both in shade and texture of their leaves.

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However, if you want cleaner lines in your yard, option out spaces for planting; section them out with stones and pebbles, for instance. In this case, make sure you choose plants which will not grow too tall.

Patios and Pergolas

A deck or a patio is a great way to spend time outside. If you don’t already have one, you should consider putting out one. If you prefer to effortlessly move from inside the house to outside, then a patio just outside your back door will be perfect. However, if you want something more secretive you can set up a patio with a pergola, for example, more deeply inside your garden. In this way it will be a separate place in your household, just like a treehouse is to kids.

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For eat-out options, you might need nothing more than a metal or wooden table with a couple of chairs. Keep it simple and low maintenance so that you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time cleaning up. Just grab your pressure hose, turn on, clean, turn off, and put the hose away. Done, done and done.


After deciding on the general layout, start to fill in the gaps. Will you create a pathway to each feature and what can you make it out of? There are just so many options to choose from. If you want a more natural, informal sort of pathway on a budget, you can choose between mulch and gravel. They are easy to install and easy to clean.

Using a garden path creates a focal point |

Also edging is important for paths, as they are more than just a decoration. They will keep the gravel or mulch away from the rest of your garden and flower beds. Again, you can opt for cheaper choices like plastic, which you might camouflage with plants or paint, or bricks, which are more visually appealing but also more expensive.


Everyone deserves a place to escape to, and in your case, you might not need to go beyond your own backyard. By spending some of your time and effort you can create the cozy haven of your dreams. Pick what you need and start making plans. Use plants, flowers and scrubs, but also veggies and fruit to transform your garden into a lush paradise. A chill-out zone submerged into the green with pathways leading from and to the house will make your garden look as if it were drawn on a page of a children’s book. Enjoy!


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