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4 Tips to Make Your Interior Pop-Art Style

4 Tips to Make Your Interior Pop-Art Style

Just play with pop art boldly

Ronald Pratt
Written by –
Ronald Pratt
on March 17th 2020
Ronald Pratt is an architecture student fascinated about pop art and the way the people in the 50s simply stood up and defied everything that was considered art until that point. He’s spending all the spare time he gets writing about it and praising the values of pop art.

Thinking about changing your home style? Why not give pop-art a shot? Here’s how you should go about it if you have no idea where to start from.


Redesigning an apartment in the pop art style is still extremely trendy nowadays. But yet again, when was pop out of style? So, if you want to give life to your flat, and make all your friends love it, going for pop style should be the safest choice. Before we go into tips on how to easily apply pop art style, let’s take a look at what exactly that is and what’s the story behind it. Don’t worry, pop art can be achieved with a surprisingly low number of instruments.

What Is Pop Art Style?

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As many of you may already know, pop art is a movement that started in the US and the UK in the 1950s and represented a challenge to everything traditional. In other words, it used mundane and modern elements to create a new form of art that was supposed to antagonize the conventional ways. Another aim of pop art is emphasizing the kitschy or banal aspects of any culture, most often through the use of irony. So, no matter if we’re talking about pop art style painting, sculpture, or pretty much any other form of art, this movement is characterized by everyday objects and open war on elitist images.

How to Make Your Interior Pop-Art Style

Now that we’ve established what pop art is, let’s move on to the promised design style guide that will help you transform your apartment. Pop art is not exactly hard to achieve; however, there’s a fine line between making your home pop art and straightforward kitschy. Here’s what you should do.



Pop Is Never Polite


Remember that pop art is not about being realistic or necessarily beautiful. It implies standing out and making a statement. For example, you can go for radical ideas like painting your bed orange and yellow and then apply a massive mural on the living room wall that says “BOOM!”. There’s nothing off-limits when thinking of pop art.

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Don’t Be Boring


When choosing pop art as an interior design style, the first rule is not to go with predictable or monotone patterns. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to make your apartment feel uncomfortable just to break the templates. But you should instill as much personality into your space as possible. Big murals, cartoonish paintings, and humor should be all around.

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Don’t Forget About Humor


As we’ve mentioned earlier, pop art isn’t just about not being boring; it brings a dose of funny to the mix. Out of all types of interior design styles available out there, pop art is the one that allows tons of humor. Don’t be afraid to take a satirical poster and anything that would be classified as “in your face.” Going with your favorite movie quotes or even characters from TV shows is also a good idea. As we said, everything goes, and nothing is forbidden when talking about pop art.

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Get Furniture to Match


When you choose a design style for your home, it’s a good idea to commit to the project totally. This means you also need to choose furniture to match what’s on the walls. Remember that pop art furniture is, at the same time, retro, futuristic, and original. So, the main rule when looking for pop art furniture is to make sure it has bright colors and round shapes. Also, everything from around the 60s will go well with the pop art style.

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Here are the starting tips to transform your apartment into a pop-art masterpiece. Of course, this transformation doesn’t have to be done all in one move, so take your time and make sure you get it right. If you’re done with your bedroom, think about living room design style that would go with that and don’t stop until you do the entire home.


If you’ve been through such a transformative process, we would love to hear about your adventure. Share the experience with our readers in the comments below and help them understand what the stress points are.


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