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Reviewing Our Top Tech Stories of the Year

Reviewing Our Top Tech Stories of the Year

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on December 28th 2018
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Are augmented reality and the virtual world the way forward? Using apps to measure, pick colors and design your living room are the first few steps to designing your home completely digitally. Meanwhile, the hardware that comes along with tech becomes more sleek and stylish every year. Check out some of these top tech posts from 2018 and just think about the future to come!

Smart tech review featuring top home decor tech design | NONAGON.style
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Smart tech is becoming more and more common in our daily lives. From better, sustainable options to learned behaviors, technology is becoming more prevalent in our homes. See how some of these home accessory options fit right in, looking sleek and stylish on your sideboard.

Using Augmented Reality for Home


From: ‘DecorMatters Introduces Home Styling with an AR Twist’

DecorMatters creates an AR tool for designing your home | NONAGON.style
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There’s an app for a lot of things these days, and interior design is now also one of them. We reviewed DecorMatters which encourages you to take a photo of your room, and add furniture items into it. As this technology becomes more commonplace, it’ll be exciting to see how our interior design shapes up and develops.

Tech review for interior photo measuring app Photo Measures | NONAGON.style
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How good are you at eyeballing measurements? We loved the idea of Photo Measures — a point and shoot app that can tell you the distance and measure objects, making it even easier to work out if that sofa will fit in your room.

Color Snap | NONAGON.style
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Making it easier than ever to pick a color scheme, the ColorSnap Visualizer app is a great step in finding the right color for your space. Merging with augmented reality, you can actually see how that color will look on your wall at home before painting it. Genius.

Do you have a top tech item from this year that we missed out? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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