Travel Themed Home Decor: Souvenirs as Wall Art |
Here’s How to Turn Your Vacation Souvenirs Into Travel-Inspired Decor

Here’s How to Turn Your Vacation Souvenirs Into Travel-Inspired Decor

How to make your vacation last longer

Written by –
Iris Pun
on August 8th 2018
Iris is a creative and energetic university student based in Hong Kong. An art and design lover, she likes discovering inspiring and pretty decorations, innovative architecture and artistic illustrations, especially when they come with elements of nature!

A suitcase, backpack, passport and flight ticket, followed by a sweet selfie at the airport. They can only mean one thing – it’s vacation time! Everyone loves a vacation. More importantly, everyone loves documenting their vacation, whether through an Insta travelgram or a treasure box of souvenirs. But what do you do with your collection of worldly keepsakes after the vacation comes to an end?


Instead of hiding them away in the cupboard, how about transforming your souvenirs into travel themed home decor? Here’s how to do it.

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Make a Gallery

The simplest way to display your travel souvenirs and photos? A gallery wall of course!

Travel Themed Home Decor: Boho DIY hanging photo wall made from clips and ropes |
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Fashion a rustic hanging photo gallery from clips, rope and curved branch of wood. It’s low cost and easy to create, and the overall look is perfect for a bohemian-inspired aesthetic.

Travel Themed Home Decor: DIY shadow box memory gallery with tickets, postcards, stamps, illustrations and pins |
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Alternatively, take a cushioned pin board and collage to your heart’s content! Decorate with pins and patterned tape to make it all the more artistic.

Travel Themed Home Decor: Pixar 'Up' inspired pin of a floating balloon house |
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I especially love this ‘Up’ inspired floating balloon house pin. To me, it’s the ultimate symbol of dreams and adventure. Am I right fellow Pixar fans?

Play With Maps

Maps are indispensable for travelers, guiding you on the way to your destinations and dreams. They’re also an unexpected way to add a touch of eclectic fun to your decor.

Travel Themed Home Decor: Black metal-wired geometric world map and photo frames on a gray industrial wall |
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This geometric line-structured world map by Hoagard is a refreshing alternative to your typical photo gallery wall. For keen travelers, it’s a fantastic way to show off your adventures around the world.

Travel Themed Home Decor: Pretty rose gold scratch map wall print |
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A quirky Scratch Map allows you to ‘scratch’ off all the places you’ve visited. Watch as the map transforms from a monochromatic rose gold to a pretty sea of pastel as you complete your travels around the world. Think of it as extra motivation to hustle and save for your next trip abroad!


Click here to shop for scratch maps!

Box It Up

Did you pick up any knick-knacks from your travels? Arrange them in a shadow box for a personal take on framed wall art.

Travel Themed Home Decor: Keepsakes from London, Oahu and Venice in framed memory shadow boxes |
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Shadow boxes are in fact incredibly easy to DIY at home. Simply collect any tickets, posters, stamps, postcards, pictures or coins you gathered from your vacation, and arrange them artfully inside the framed box. The result is a unique and irreplaceable piece of art!

Travel Themed Home Decor: DIY map hearts in white frame |
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Besides travel souvenirs, how about filling your shadow box with some pretty hearts crafted from your old maps? Together with your souvenirs, it’s the ultimate ode to travel.

The Next Journey

For those of you still waiting on your dream vacation, how about some home decor picks that will help inspire you to make it happen?

Travel Themed Home Decor: Adventure fund money box decor |
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An adventure fund is a great idea to encourage saving for your next trip. For extra motivation, go beyond a basic coin jar with a stylish money box decorated with meaningful quotes and artwork. My favorite is this one from Etsy.

Travel Themed Home Decor: Personalized airport departure board print from Etsy |
image source

A personalized airport departure board print for the home! With space for up to 12 destinations, fill yours with all the places you’ve ever dreamed of visiting. It’ll serve as a nice visual reminder of what you’re working towards.

What do you think of these travel themed home decor ideas?


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