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This Is How to Transform Your Home into a Dreamy Island Beach Resort

This Is How to Transform Your Home into a Dreamy Island Beach Resort

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Written by –
Jess Ng
on May 15th 2018
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Summer is nearly upon us, and as the mercury rises, so too does a growing sense of collective wanderlust. Yes, it’s that time of year again where the dream of shimmering aquamarine waters lapping onto beautiful sandy beaches hits overdrive. And for the lucky few who have summer vacations planned, this dream will soon turn into sweet reality – but what about the rest of us?


I can’t promise to magically transport you to the romantic inclines of Santorini or the tropical shores of Tulum, what I offer is the next best thing – a detailed guide to recreating all the #summervibes, right from the comfort of your home. Ahead, discover exactly how to turn your home into a dreamy island beach resort – you can thank me later.

Natural Accents

Beachy island living is all about embracing the beauty of natural surroundings. But what if your surroundings are more suburban chic than tropical paradise?

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Bright white bohemian living and dining space with rattan lampshade |
image source

In a dream world where the impossible is made possible, landscaping in a lush beach vista would be the ideal solution. But since we’re over here in reality, an easy way to fake the look is to bring in natural accents.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Beach house with white washed walls and rattan arm chair |
image source

Organic woven textures such as rattan, bamboo and jute are all classic options, typically found in a beachside setting. They’re perfect for capturing that exotic bohemian vibe.


Alongside natural accents, consider introducing lush foliage and coastal greenery to your decor.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: White coastal exterior with shuttered windows and palm trees |
image source

Tropical plants are not only a great visual nod to the beachside getaway. They’re also proven mood-boosting stress relievers, helping you to actually feel like you’ve been on a relaxing holiday.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Boho outdoor patio with white hanging chairs and greenery detail |
image source

Palm trees are an obvious tropical go-to, but don’t forget about flowering hibiscus and frangipani plants too. Complete the look with a rustic woven or paper bag planter.

Louvered Walls

If you’re seriously committed to the beach house cause, you may want to think about installing louvered walls. Easy, breezy and beautiful, they capture that summer vibe to a tee.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Stylish shaded patio with wooden louvred shutter walls and yellow chairs |
image source

A louver is a type of ventilation shutter consisting of horizontal slats. These slats are angled to admit light and air, while at the same time prohibiting rain and debris. Louvers are commonly found in the form of window blinds, doors and walls.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: White rustic louvre shutter detail in a bright cottage living room |
image source

Louvered walls are a great substitute for the floor to ceiling glass wall, giving your home a taste of indoor-outdoor living – beach house style. However, if louvered walls aren’t suitable for your climate, you may want to consider taking the design detail inside. Louvers also work well in the form of room dividers and wardrobe doors.


Here’s a fun fact – linen is scientifically proven to be a cooler fabric than its cotton and silk counterparts. It’s no wonder then that linen is practically synonymous with summer.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Beachy living room with organic wooden textures and rustic rafters |
image source

Boasting a high moisture absorptivity, linen is ideal for humid climes and has been used for years by humans to stay cool. It’s a verified beach resort mainstay, making an appearance in everything from cool crisp bed sheets to sheer billowing drapes and chic upholstery.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Tropical bedroom with palm tree, canopy bed and jute flooring |
image source

What’s more, linen is known for being a durable, sustainable fabric, which means you can be sure that it’ll stand the test of time.

The Swing Chair

If summer were to be personified in just one furniture item, then that piece has to be the swing chair.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Outdoor patio with decorative blue floor tiles and hanging rattan swing chair |
image source

Whether in hammock or bench form, the swing chair was just made for mid-afternoon cat naps.

Tropical Island Beach Home Decor: Contemporary patio with sleek hanging swing bench |
image source

They also make for a great focal point when it comes to alfresco entertaining. What guest wouldn’t love to spend an evening swinging their worries away, fruity cocktail in hand?

What do you think of tropical island home decor? Let us know in the comments!


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