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Unusual Holiday Hotel Destinations for Art and Design Lovers

Unusual Holiday Hotel Destinations for Art and Design Lovers

Hotel is a home away from home, and one of the most amazing things with hotel interior design and architecture is that, it is considered the faucet to your amazing holiday. Take a look at our recommendations below!

Written by –
Marcella Wong
on December 5th 2019
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
You would find Marcella at her best either sourcing for interior design or home decor products, or in the kitchen exploring her gourmet paradise.

Have you been planning the destination for your next holiday yet? Want to feel as cozy as at home, while experiencing ultimate hospitality, but don’t want to stick with traditional decor and standard designs?


We have got your back! We have gathered a few remarkable hotels around the world to give you some inspiration for an unforgettable holiday!


Hotel is a home away from home.


One of the most amazing things about hotel interior design and architecture is that it is considered the faucet to your amazing holiday. Yes, the first stage of the refreshment of your soul, mind, and body!


Take a look at the hotel recommendations below. It is amazing how every brick and mortar can take your mind off of your everyday routine, giving you a sense of revival!

The Calile Hotel

48 James St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia


Unusual Holiday Hotel Destinations for Art and Design Lovers Pool of Calile
The gold accents extend to the pool bottom, making it a perfect spot for drone shots. | image source

Located in Brisbane, the Calile is an urban oasis designed by Richards and Spence. The firm aims to deliver the feeling of resort and relaxation to the neighborhood, breaking the norm of how cities typically only contain hotels for conferences and business. 

Unusual Holiday Hotel Destinations for Art and Design Lovers Calile Inteior
With a hint of gold, the interior design of the Calile Hotel would defiinitely make your instagram dream come true! | image source

Adopting sandy-beige and salt pink as the main color scheme, and cleverly adding a touch of gold to the interior, the hotel sparkles under the warm beam of the sun.

It is your obvious destination if you miss the warmth of the Summer and would want to have the warmth all wrapped up in your arms this holiday season!


Hotel Hotel

NewActon Precinct, 25 Edinburgh Ave, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Another alternative hip spot this holiday season for all you Summer lovers out there is the Hotel Hotel located in Canberra.


Hotel Hotel's architecture adopted 2,150 pieces of recycled wood to create such extravaganz yet rustic design to the entry spot. | image source

Managed by the Canberra based developer Molonglo Group, the Hotel Hotel is located in the Nishi building designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects and Suppose Design Office. It is the fruits of the combined efforts and talents of every interior designer, architect and artist.


Hotel Hotel Sean Fennessy 006 1497x998
A mixed effort between artists and interior designers, every room is a surprise for travellers. | image source

The main vision is to inject energy into the dense neighbourhood, by turning this hospitality project into a collaborative experiment with fresh ideas from more than 50 artists and designers.



Hotel Hotel Sean Fennessy 007 798x998
The bathtub goal of all time, with smart usage of light and texture reflection properties, ensuring an unforgettable bathing experience. | image source

By turning this place into a remarkable signature piece of diverse energy and personality, every corner of the hotel is infused with artistic details. The Hotel Hotel promises to keep your holiday full of surprises.


Azulik Tulum

Carretera Tulum – Punta Allen KM 5, Zona Hotelera, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

What could be a better Art and design destination than Art Galleries and Designer Hotels?

An Artistic Hotel with a Gallery.


calile hotel interiors Azulik Tulum
The perfect blend of contemporary silhouettes and nature lines.. | image source

The Azulik Tulum is a project by the great grandson of Peggy Guggenheim, one of the greatest collectors of all time, Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, and a Tulum-based resort owner and designer Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel.


calile hotel interiors Azulik Tulum interior
With natural light source seeping through the roof of the tree house structure, Azulik Tulum has infused traditional sense in this modernly curated hospitality complex. | image source

The hotel is designed with structural layers of canopies extending to the roof, creating a unique environment surrounding the gallery. It is a smart way to induce organic matters into an art gallery, especially when the typical ones are just a cube of pale whites.


calile hotel interiors Azulik Tulum villa
With no TVs, wifi nor electric lights, the villas here in Azulik Tulum would definitely bring you closer to nature. | image source

Curating an experience where humans can truly reconnect with nature. With villas designed to incorporate nature with the living area and absolutely no Wifi, television or electric lights, this is a true detox and healing destination from the hustle and bustle life.

calile hotel interiors Azulik Tulum Gallery
Galleries are not neccessarily some four white walls surrounded cubes, it can be this mesmerizing yet perfectly harmonized with the surroundings. | image source

Aman Yangyun

6161 Yuanjiang Rd, Minhang Qu, China, 201111

Located in the suburb of Shanghai, the Aman Yangyun is an award-winning property. 

Its design was led by the late Kerry Hill, who successfully retained the essence of a 2,000-year-old forest by using antique architecture that hearkens back to the Ming and Qing Dynasty.


amanyangyun china villa four bedrooms exterior high res 16171 0
Every brick consists of the heritage of Chinese history . | image source

If you would like to view this property in numbers as a concept, there are 10,000 Camphor trees and 50 historic architectures relocated from the original site of the forest 600 kilometres away, where a new dam project threatened its habitat. 


amanyangyun china villa four bedrooms courtyard high res 16168
The Wabi Sabi design of the garden in vilas. | image source

The result of merging antique structural parts and applying a modern design sense and silhouette was absolutely stunning.

Aman Yangyun was named Hotel of the Year at the AHEAD Asia Awards 2019.

amanyangyun china antique villa swimming pool high res 17425 0
Even the putdoor pool is unconventionally designed with hints of traditional Chinese aesthetic. | image source

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