Lighting Ideas to Light up Valentine's Day |
Lighting Ideas to Light up Valentine’s Day

Lighting Ideas to Light up Valentine’s Day

Something to warm the heart

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on February 11th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

“We are people who need to love, because love is the soul’s life. Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.” — Hafez


Valentine’s Day is a time to express your love and appreciation for your paramour. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, do you feel the love in the air? Are you all set for this V-day? Or do you have some last-minute preparations to make? In addition to buying chocolates, flowers, or rose petals, romantic decor will certainly have a lasting effect. Get ready to bring a touch of romance into your home with some gorgeous lighting tips that will set the stage for romance all year round.

Melt the Heart with Candles

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Candles are the simplest form of luxury and relaxation to set the right mood on Valentine’s Day. For an elegant and intimate setting, prepare your dinner table with tea light candles to add a touch of timeless romance and a sense of formality. There’s nothing that enhances your space sensually more than creating a welcoming atmosphere around the flickering flame.

I love you scented candle presented in a glass pot with a natural waxed cord and a delightful, lighthearted love declaration |
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Furthermore, a dinner accessorized by floral arrangements and candle lights not only shows your good side! With faces flattered, pupils dilated, and eyes gleaming at your date. Remember to play some soft music in the background to add to the enchanting ambience. Of course, you earn bonus points when you combine candles with red roses.


However, don’t get too distracted; remember that candles can cause fire, so place them only on surfaces that can handle the wax, and never leave a flame unattended. You’re looking to ignite the spark in your love, not set your home on fire.

LED Options for LOVE

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If you’re concerned about dripping wax, or looking to have lighting all prepared when you open the door, then maybe LED mood lighting is the right choice. It captures the essence of romance with diminished risk of setting your house on fire. You can opt for battery operated LED candles, there are also LED bulbs, or LED strip lights. For a long time fairy lights were associated with Christmas and dorm rooms only, but we’ll make an allowance for Valentine’s Day. Consider wrapping your indoor plant or a playfully teased string of LED lights in a glass bowl on the table. Even when the stars aren’t out it’s possible to sit under twinkly lights.

LED string rose light |
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Heart-shaped LED fairy string icicle curtain light |
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The Open Fire

Romantic fireplace |
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The fireplace makes a charming centerpiece to snuggle alongside, making it brilliant for Valentine’s Day decor. Sweep the old charcoal out and give it a good clean and prepare the logs to throw as the night plays on. Add romance your mantelpiece with hearts or roses to create an inviting romantic home vibe.

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Create an alluring and romantic ambience with the above lighting tips. These ideas are sure to illuminate the romance of the day, and a thoughtful touch that everyone can appreciate. Your well-prepared Valentine’s Day light decor will speak volume about your love and feelings, keeping the ‘flame’ alive and well!


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