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Before and After: Renovating a Perfect Pimlico Home

Before and After: Renovating a Perfect Pimlico Home

Ardesia Design transformed this tired home into a sleek modern space

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on May 23rd 2017
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Pimlico, Westmoreland Terrace


Pleasant surprises await in this five story West London Pimlico home. It all began with a professional couple looking to redress their home. Cue the team at Arcadia Design who transformed their abode’s run-of-the-mill decor into a bright, airy Scandinavian space.

Pimlico home renovation: White bedroom with wood floors and straw basket accessories | NONAGON.style

Plenty of structural changes to the house have given it a totally new look, removing walls and putting new touches of design in place. Still, not all of the plans for the house were able to make it through to the end. For instance, the home owners were looking to include a special dressing room area to their bedroom, but this was difficult to achieve given the home’s layout. The solution? A secret passageway to the en suite bathroom gives a playful feeling of a hidden space.

Pimlico home renovation: White bedroom with tall panelled wall and secret door | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: White panelled wall with secret door in bedroom | NONAGON.style

Notice the secret bathroom which lies behind the door!

Pimlico home renovation: Modern bathroom with white bathtub and silver chrome finishings | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Modern bathroom with contemporary cabinets and large mirror | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Modern bathroom with wood parquet floors | NONAGON.style

In other parts of this Pimlico home you can see what a change has taken place from before:

Pimlico home renovation: Before shot of bedroom prior to renovation | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Before shot of a bedroom prior to renovation | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Bright white bedroom with floor to ceiling storage | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Kitchen before renovation | NONAGON.style

The basement area now houses the kitchen, but this used to be a couple of small dark rooms. What a transformation to feel so much light and space in here, compared to previously.

Pimlico home renovation: Bright white kitchen with contemporary blue statement lamps | NONAGON.style

Another element that was planned for the house was to create an open stairwell leading down to the newly created basement kitchen and dining room. However, after structural engineers were brought in to assess the possibility, this ultimately could not be done due to fire safety regulations.


Pimlico home renovation: Kitchen with edgy glass and steel framed staircase detail | NONAGON.style

Nevertheless, the steel framed windows do a good job of creating the feeling of wide open space. In the end, the initial obstacle of having an open stairwell made it one of the focal points of the room.

Pimlico home renovation: Steel framed glass partition in a modern basement kitchen | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Bright basement kitchen complete with rich blue lamps | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Living area with faux fireplace and open shelving | NONAGON.style

With the kitchen and dining room moved downstairs, the upper space was given an overhaul and is now the living room. Other areas of the home no longer have a chimney or fireplace, but the mantle was recreated here for that cozy home feel.

Pimlico home renovation: Bright hallway with minimalist wooden staircase | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Hallway with check carpet details and map artwork | NONAGON.style

The hallway was one of the owners’ new favorite bits about this Pimlico home, with these statement blue and white tiles that line the corridor.

Pimlico home renovation: Decorative geometric tile flooring | NONAGON.style
Pimlico home renovation: Patio area with white plastered brick walls, subdued lighting and space efficient furniture to enjoy the outdoors | NONAGON.style

Even the outdoor area was given a tasteful makeover. The plastered brick walls, paired with the cozy dimmed lighting make for a wonderful ambiance to enjoy the outdoors.


All in all, from the top floor right down to the basement, this Pimlico home has seen a huge overhaul. On the one hand, the inherent qualities of this Victorian terraced home remain; this is definitely a London house true to its heritage. Yet, with the wood tones and playful design elements, it now also reflects a warm Nordic feel, creating the hygge home of any owner’s dreams.


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