Guy Lawrence's Victorian Terrace House Meets Contemporary Modern Design |
Guy Lawrence’s Victorian Terrace House Meets Contemporary Modern Design

Guy Lawrence’s Victorian Terrace House Meets Contemporary Modern Design

Enjoy the refurbished fireplaces and basement extension in this London home

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on September 8th 2016
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Renovating a period home is always a challenge. There is so much history and character in the house that you would want to preserve, and so many updates required for our modern living. Striking a balance between these two is almost like knitting together two completely different periods in time, and the stitch needs to be seamless. It might seem easier to throw out the old completely and start fresh, but when the house in question is a Victorian terraced home in the heart of London, that should just never be an option.


This beautiful home owned by musician Guy Lawrence went through a similar transformation. Lawrence wanted a contemporary home that was bright, spacious and teched-up for modern living, but also wanted to preserve the historic features and transition them into an elegant modern space.

London terraced home |

The two designs themes are so far apart in style and time periods that it must have been a herculean task to blend them together, however the designers have done justice to every corner of this house. This massive five bed, five bath home is the perfect marriage of contemporary features with Victorian elegance.

Dining area and kitchen island in contemporary and minimal kitchen in basement extension |

Before the renovation, this house was a dingy space that was in shambles and needed a lot of work to restore it to its former glory, while adding modern elements. It has now been transformed into a bright and beautiful home with all the present-day features.


The Bulthaup kitchen on the lower ground floor extends towards the outdoor courtyard. White and gray tones add a signature contemporary look. The kitchen counter has a small addition of an informal dining area. The stools look gorgeous and create a nice contrast against the all-white kitchen. If this were my home, I would never skip breakfast again. The gorgeous bright sunlight flooding inside through the glass walls makes the room look visually bigger and adds to the coziness of the space. This area is perfect for entertaining friends as well.


This home is also teched-up with all the smart home technology appliances, a home cinema and a sound system, integrated into the house.

Contemporary and minimal kitchen in basement extension |
White kitchen with sleek contemporary style |
Floating steps with contemporary style |

These stairs are my favorite feature in this home. The cantilevered wooden stairs look stunning, as if floating effortlessly. The glass wall helps in creating a partition here, while also providing extra support. The glass is also beautifully cut right along the edges of the stairs, being almost non-existent and creating an interesting visual.

Dining room table with art piece chandelier in London home |

The upper ground floor has a dining area and an entertainment corner. From here you can see the Victorian designs emerging and there is a clear transition as the room can be visually divided into two distinct time periods. In this corner you can see the fireplace and the staircase railings from the original design. This further extends into the living area that is minimal and has more in common with the lower ground kitchen than the dining area.  In spite of these differences, these two parts of the room blend in seamlessly. This has been made possible by the color scheme and the flooring that extends through the entire length of the room.

Living room in Guy Ritchie's London home with a mid-century modern style |
Living room television storage module |

A black and white color palette that has been integrated in every part of this house also helps in visually creating a sense of continuity in style. These visual cues create a harmonious design that helps merge the various segments of this house.

Master bedroom with large headboard and bedside tables |
Master bedroom with tall cupboards and a window seat |

The minimal bedroom makes use of the views outside by facing the bed towards the windows. I like this idea a lot, as it helps in creating a private corner and gives a holiday feel to this room. The small corner seat looks adorable and is perfect to cozy up with a book while you watch the sun go down.

London bathroom with small tiles and marble wall |

This minimal bathroom with a mix of marble and tiles looks very formal, keeping the focus on the activity, with no frills attached. The oval bathtub adds a focal point to the room with its curves as if resisting the straight lines.

Black armchair with footstool next to contemporary fireplace |

Here we can again see the use of marble and the black and white color palette. These are the small details that help blend together the various parts of the house.

Mirror above the fireplace has a well refurbished staircase |
Central stairs in London home |
Living room with green walls and herringbone floor |

The dark tones remind of the Victorian era, but the clean lines and some modern decor transitions it into the present day. All the lighting fixtures around this house have been custom made for every room. I love the minimal use of accessories and paintings, that leaves the focus on the use of that particular room and minimal aesthetics help maintain an elegant interior.

Living room with mauve and refurbished fireplace |

The fireplace has been given prime spot in this room, with everything else joining in to make this area look special. It enhances the beauty of the Victorian designs, but is also accentuated with very edgy modern decor. The color palette in this room is absolutely gorgeous. The light and darker tones create a perfect mix here, and the lighting that camouflages with the wall looks beautiful.

Outdoor space with wooden fence |
Built in outdoor seating with wood bench in concrete |

The garden is decorated with slats that look beautiful in contrast with the green. They also provide privacy, but still enough ventilation for a nice cross breeze. In this courtyard you can see that the seating has been created in different directions. These multiple options create intimate hideouts in the larger compound.

Basement extension with glass doors |

The most difficult part for the designers was to bring inside these large pieces of glass for the windows and stairwell. The results make every bit of their efforts worthwhile. There are also some small intimate corners in the overall larger spaces. This creates a personal touch by how the owners interpret the use of these areas, and also provides interesting spots around the house.


This period home has been beautifully transformed into a timeless space.


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