Vinkeveen's Tiny Footprint Holiday Home |
Vinkeveen’s Tiny Footprint Holiday Home

Vinkeveen’s Tiny Footprint Holiday Home

Using natural light and balancing symmetry

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on January 17th 2019
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Vinkeveen Holiday Home


Often the idea of a place for relaxing, luxury living conjures plenty of space, often by the roomful. This holiday home in Vinkeveense plassen, in the Netherlands, has a footprint of only 55m2 (592ft2) but by being positioned close to the lake and using a medley of integrated furniture inside, the space is well arranged to feel roomy; a house you look forward to visiting.


Designed in collaboration between i29 Interior Architects and Chris Collaris, the holiday home chooses simple and sweet options, comfortable and beautiful.

Holiday home on the pond |
Building reflected in the pond |

Collaris uses his distinguishing black waxed timber pinewood facade from Foreco for the cladding of the home. Situated on the water’s edge, the home is on an island plot, and reflects in the water making for beautiful symmetry.


The home itself is divided into four parts, to make greater use of natural sunlight and the views.


“On the outside the diversity in size and the interconnected positioning create a sculptural image, looking different from every angle. In order to intensify this sculptural quality, all facades have a minimal design with invisible roof endings and window frames detailed behind the wood facade.”

Chris Collaris and i29 Interior Architects design this holiday home in the Netherlands |
Wood facade for holiday home |
Outdoor shower space with black wood cladding |
Black and white minimalist space |

The home uses integrated cabinets for storage. The television, the cooking equipment and the board games are all tucked away behind large natural oak panels, sometimes stained black to combine with the facade.

Minimalist open plan holiday home designed by i29 Interior Architects and Chris Collaris |

Pockets of the house work as essentially flowing between inside and outdoors. This was intentional between the teams involved on the project.


“By linking interior components to the architecture and vice versa, the result is a high quality project not dependent of expensive materials or technical show. In every detail we aimed for the ultimate space efficient solution. Every aspect of the design is approached to produce a pure and unified experience to leave a strong impression”

Black timber wood facade and open plan living room |

You’ll notice that the home has been constructed to allow the indoor and outdoor spaces to be fairly seamless. This was an intention design from the architects to encourage the integration with the natural surroundings.


“By opening up large sliding doors of the patio the volumes of the kitchen and living are physically connected.”

As four separate building blocks centered around a patio, the interior space feels private but with a breeze and natural ventilation.

Kitchen space with wooden black timber theme |
Open plan kitchen and dining room |
Closet area for minimalist living room, at holiday hotel |
Black and wood minimalist kitchen for holiday home in the Netherlands, designed by i29 Interior Architects and Chris Collaris |
Simple styling in minimalist kitchen, black and pine design |

We’re huge fans of monochrome minimalist looks on, just check out our Instagram page! The kitchen here is decked out with cabinets from Shinnoki in oak stained black and a natural oak finish, and a ceramistone kitchen top by Dutch brand Kemie.

Bedrooms in Dutch holiday home |
White steps in minimalist bedroom |

Bedrooms are simple pared back affairs. Including all upstairs rooms, the total floorplan space for the home is 75m2 (807ft2). That’s a total of three bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room, patio, one bathroom and two toilets for a family of four.

Simple white room with black frame |
Wood timber home office and small desk nook |
Holiday home in the Netherlands, featuring black wooden cladding |

Ready to welcome its guests for the holidays, the Vinkeveen holiday home is all set. A stunning space on a small plot of land, the sort of home you look forward to visiting every summer.

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