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What Colors Make a Living Room Look Bigger?

What Colors Make a Living Room Look Bigger?

Can paint really trick the eye?

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on March 31st 2019
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The paint color of your living room can have a huge effect on how the space feels. When I moved into my current apartment, the previous tenants had painted the living room a crimson red, done in a hasty caffeine-fueled weekend and extremely patchy job. It’s not a big space, and while they were looking for cozy, I couldn’t help but feel the walls closing in.

Making the Living Room Look Bigger: Bright and breezy modern rustic living room with gray sofa and rattan decor accents | NONAGON.style
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With the idea to make the apartment feel bigger, these are some of the colors considered for a repaint. Let me know what you would choose in the comments below!


White walls for the living room make it feel more spacious | NONAGON.style
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Look, I wanted to get this one out of the way before we get into the more interesting hues that Dulux and Pantone and others have to offer. White walls provide a blank canvas so your furniture and decor can really shine, but it comes with its warnings. Using stark white paint in a north-facing room or those without enough natural light, a white room can end up having no personality. For these types of rooms, avoid cool or gray-white walls and pick a warmer or off-white for your walls.

Gentle Blues

Sky blues colors for the living room | NONAGON.style
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With its minty freshness, opting for a light blue or even a gentle blue-green room is colorful and calming. While it’s nice to have a room that’s bright and cheerful for energizing, this blue is the color for a relaxing environment.


You could use a teal for furniture finishing touches, or any number of blue elements to give your home the levels of richness or simplicity you seek.

Minty teal colors | NONAGON.style
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Blush Pink

Blush pink for a larger looking, more feminine living room | NONAGON.style
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While Millenial Pink may have already had its heydey, blush pink is still commonly found in the interior design world and you may find this is the right color for your space. It’s light, it’s feminine and it can be paired with golds for sophistication and glamour, a navy blue for something richer, or subtle gray for soothing and calm.


A well placed mirror, shown above, can also greatly improve how big the space feels.

Cool Gray

Cool gray for the living room | NONAGON.style
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My mother isn’t a fan of grays, thinks city life is gray enough as it is. However, for a room that is getting moderate amounts of light already, a light cool gray can feel fresher than a stark white. Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color of year is this Metropolitan which works a charm for this look.


Opt for lighting that feels warm and pick lots of sumptuous textiles. In my opinion gray pairs nicely with a sharp pop of fuchsia, so that could always be a fun mix.

Don’t worry. My apartment walls are red no longer. We used a gray primer to dampen down the red tone, and opted for a soft pink. The room already feels heaps brighter, softly reflects the light and actually does create the cozy calmness I seek at the end of the day.


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