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What Does Home Mean to You?

What Does Home Mean to You?

Home is not the same for all

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on May 8th 2019
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With so many different sources of inspiration, styles, and possibilities to create your dream home, sometimes we look for the picture perfect. Home is a space for you to be as creative as you wish, and it should reflect the necessities for your personal goals, endeavors and personalities. You’ll find introverts with the perfect setup for nights in doing the activities they love, and extroverts with a stocked fridge and bar cart. What does home mean to you?


We asked a handful of designers about their home, and we’re asking you, readers, to tell us in the comments — what does home mean to you?

“A place to hang out with family and friends”

Design from Sayre Victoria Ziskin, SVZ Interior Design | NONAGON.style
dining room design from SVZ Interiors

“The kitchen is the soul of my home,” explains Sayre Victoria Ziskin from SVZ Interior Design. “It’s the nerve center, the nucleus, the nexus of the household. It’s where problems are presented and solved. It’s where food is created and devoured. It’s a place to hang out with family and friends. The design of the kitchen, from the countertops to the cabinets to the layout of the appliances, are all about beauty and function — neither one is more important than the other. The kitchen is my domestic domain. It’s my space — functional and practical for cooking and entertaining but carries the footprint of my design aesthetic!”

“That place you long to be, even when you’re having a good time”

Living room in Barcelona designed by Egue y Seta | NONAGON.style
living room design by Egue y Seta

Over at the Egue y Seta office in Barcelona, co-founder Felipe Araujo said home was “that place you longed to be even when you’re having a good time.” The sense of safety at the end of a long day was similar for others at the firm, they “referred to home as a retreat, a refuge, a place for rest and intimacy.”

“The proportions of space are important to me”

What does home mean to you? | NONAGON.style
design by Oshir Asaban

“A home is a place where I can feel both emotionally and emotionally comfortable,” defines Tel-Aviv based architect Oshir Asaban. “The proportions of space are important to me. On the one hand, you need to feel spacious and make the most of your space, and on the other hand, not feel too big. It is important not to lose your sense of warmth and intimacy. A house is an object that changes all the time and changes its shape according to our needs.”

“I never want my home to feel like a show room”

A comfortable living room? Is that what makes home home? | NONAGON.style
living room from A Lentil Design

Owner of Peony Lane Design, Stacy Verdick Case, thinks it’s not really home if it’s not comfortable. “To me home is where my family can put their feet on the furniture and eat in front of the TV without fear. I never want my home to feel like a show room. I want it to be stylish and at the same time inviting. The biggest compliment I can get is if my guests feel comfortable enough to tuck their feet under themselves when they sit on my sofa. It makes me feel like I did my job right. Home should be comfortable.”

It goes to show that home really is a personal space, the meaning of what you create from home is particular to you. Whether it’s based around a kitchen that family can meet together in, a living room where you can put your feet up, or the place you look forward to returning from your holiday, home means a lot of things to many people. With this in mind, it’s great to have the resources available to us to find ideas and inspiration that help us make our home feel like home!


So tell us, what does home mean to you? Leave a comment below!


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