These Kitchen Peninsula Ideas Will Inspire Your Next Renovation |
These Kitchen Peninsula Ideas Will Inspire Your Next Renovation

These Kitchen Peninsula Ideas Will Inspire Your Next Renovation

It's all about the kitchen peninsula layout

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on February 4th 2019
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What is a Kitchen Peninsula?

You’ve heard of the kitchen island. But what about the kitchen peninsula? The one thing that differentiates a peninsula from an island is its connection to the rest of the kitchen. Basically, a kitchen island is a distinct free-standing unit usually found at somewhere near the center of the kitchen, while a kitchen peninsula is seen as an extension that juts out to the rest of the room.


Simply put, a kitchen peninsula is an island that’s adjoining a wall or other surface, but only on one side, with three other sides open as workspace. Acting as stunning accent piece for a kitchen, either an island or peninsula can be added to improve your storage and countertop space. Check out my round up of kitchen peninsulas for more ideas!

Pros & Cons

Kitchen islands are popular in contemporary kitchen design, but peninsulas can also cover the washing, storage and food preparation functions without gobbling up as much floor space. If your kitchen space is limited but you want to optimize every inch of layout, then the peninsula is an ideal choice. A peninsula serves to provide an additional work zone, informal dining area, and extra storage spot that can be used to keep cookware and other accessories. Moreover, peninsulas can also be configured as a room divider for an open plan living space, separating kitchen and the lounge area.


One major concern that you might run into with the peninsulas is the trapping effect. A case in point would be the U-shaped peninsula. It creates a boundary for guests by  sectioning  off the kitchen space. Having only one entry point, the actual space for moving around means you can get stuck if you’re sharing the kitchen with somebody else. No one wants to feel trapped or claustrophobic in the kitchen. The kitchen island, on the other hand, offers different sides for easy access.

Dreamy Peninsula Storage Solutions

Below are an assortment of my favorite stylish kitchen layouts with peninsulas.

Kitchen peninsulas with oven and wine cooler |
image source

This peninsula boasts a fresh new look with white cabinetry, wine cooler, stainless steel appliances, Caesarstone countertops and a slate floor for today’s lifestyle. The oven is placed in the wall and anchors the peninsula for ease of access and use. The slate floor adds a rustic look and is easy for maintenance.

U-shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

Homeowners with substantial kitchen space may want to explore the option of U-shaped kitchen with peninsula. By adding one additional leg to a U-shaped kitchen, a peninsula can be used to provide ample counter space or work space. One of the more striking benefits of this kitchen layout is its versatility, which features significantly more potential surface area, appliance space and storage options.

Maple base cabinets and peninsula and white shaker wall cabinets in this kitchen with U-shaped peninsula |
image source

Maple base cabinets and peninsula and white shaker wall cabinets in this kitchen with U-shaped peninsula. This peninsula enhances work space and seating in an open compact kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen with peninsula design with American woodmark cabinets |
image source

A luxury cream color cabinet peninsula with wrap-around granite countertop provides a sense of elegance to the space while the pendant and recessed provide plenty of illumination.

L-shaped Kitchen with Peninsula Design

An L-shaped peninsula arrangement is suitable for both small and large kitchens, with two workstations

Peninsula featuring white quartzite countertop |
image source

This peninsula has white quartzite countertop and ample storage complete with period style fixtures. The elegant quartzite have a light veining that creates a soft movement.

Contemporary dark cabinet kitchen with white counter peninsula |
image source

This L-shaped kitchen with white quartz countertop peninsula and dark panel cabinetry cladded with veneer wood receives a clean, modern aesthetic.

L-shaped kitchen peninsula with seating |
image source

This inviting, all-black L-shaped kitchen peninsula is outfitted with seating, dark tone cabinetry and stainless steel appliances and features stylish lighting fixtures. It is echoed in style by the dark hue wall.


Casa de Cathy kitchen |
image source

This small kitchen space shows you how a kitchen peninsula even works in a tiny kitchen! You can see more of this home tour here.

How you plan on using a kitchen and how it connects to the rest of the house are determining factors for your best kitchen design. If you face space constraints, oftentimes a peninsula yields more countertop space and amount of seating than an island, and allows the cook to have some privacy. Hence, a peninsula can be seen as a practical alternative for smaller kitchen layouts. If you’re dreaming of a kitchen island but don’t have enough space to accommodate a stand-alone island, you can opt for a peninsula instead.


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