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What is Blue-Green Infrastructure?

What is Blue-Green Infrastructure?

Understanding the differences in our city

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on January 3rd 2018
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Have you ever wondered what is blue-green infrastructure? With the rapid development of a town’s infrastructure, there’s increasing importance to make sure that buildings, public spaces and houses are designed to promote sustainable environments and handle the growing consequences of global warming. It’s here in the world of city-planning that the phrase “blue-green infrastructure” first appears.


Maybe you’ve already heard of green infrastructure, or at least you can imagine what that might be. Green infrastructure means incorporating natural landscapes into public spaces. But blue-green infrastructure is all about combining green spaces alongside a good water management. Blue is referring to water. Read on to find out more.

The Concept of Developing Green Urban Cities Isn’t New

What is Blue-Green Infrastructure? | NONAGON.style
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The concept of “green” urban cities began as early as the 1870s. The term “green infrastructure” was coined in the 1990s when a report about land conservation strategies posited that natural systems were important components of infrastructure. The report propelled the notion of planning for green infrastructure, methods and spaces that aid the conservation of natural resources, in the same way we plan for traditional infrastructure such as buildings and pavements.


In recent years, green infrastructure has evolved to mean blue-green infrastructure where blue infrastructure pertains to systems and technologies that are retrofitted into existing urban drainage infrastructure to improve water efficiency and expand a city’s capacity to manage stormwater and flooding.

Blue-Green Infrastructure Takes a More Inclusive Approach to Urban Planning

What is Blue-Green Infrastructure? | NONAGON.style
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Over the years, green urban planning has grown increasingly popular across cities. Our existing green infrastructure includes flood-mitigating components such as sophisticated water systems and green landscapes that facilitate water flow. The inclusion of blue infrastructure takes water management to another level.


Simple blue infrastructure includes rain gardens, rainwater tanks, infiltration trenches, and bioswales. The increasing use of blue infrastructure technologies helps to ensure that buildings and spaces promote healthy and sustainable living environments for everyone.

What is Blue-Green Infrastructure? | NONAGON.style
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What kinds of blue-green infrastructure do you see around neighborhood? Let us know in the comments below!


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