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Hygge Your Home With This Scandi Trend

Hygge Your Home With This Scandi Trend

Embrace the Danish art of coziness and well-being

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on April 29th 2017
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than creating a space that brings us good vibes and tranquility which is why we’re big fans of the hygge trend.


Hygge, pronounced as hoo-ga, originates from the Danish art of embracing coziness and well-being. It’s all about enjoying simple pleasures in life, like quality time with loved ones and friends, and doing things that make you happy.


Here are our top 5 tips on how to hygge your home.

Snuggle in Soft Throw Blankets

The sitting room is where the family gathers around for rest and relaxation, and it’s important to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Hygge your home with this newest trend | NONAGON.style
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Patterned throw blankets and colorful cushions around the living room sofa make it easy to take a break and forget about the day’s worries.

Plants in the living room | NONAGON.style
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Don’t be afraid to mix it up, be it in textures or in patterns. Hygge is all about expressing individuality in a harmonious way and keeping it customized for everyone in the family.

Warm It Up with Wooden Furniture

Keep the dining area warm and inviting with wooden elements.

Hygge your home with wooden dining room furniture | NONAGON.style
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For a more casual vibe, ditch the uniform chairs and opt for a bench that offers plenty of seating space. Not only is it perfect for entertaining guests, it also opens up the area visually and makes it easy to set hearty meals on the table. A matching wooden dining table is also a pleasant addition to help you achieve hygge in the dining room.

White and wooden dining set in minimal home | NONAGON.style
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If you’re lucky enough to have space by the windows, consider placing the dining area where plenty of light floods in. Padded window seats are ideal for spending the mornings drinking a soothing cup of coffee, especially when surrounded by the softest pillows. Hygge, after all, is all about togetherness so keeping the area warm and friendly is the way to go.

Choose Light Colors and Neutral Walls

The kitchen may be a busy place, but it doesn’t have to feel like it.

Hygge kitchen style with wooden kitchen cupboards and counterops combined with plain white walls | NONAGON.style
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Whites and natural shades are a lovely combination as it reflects light into the area and enlarges the space.

White and blue tableware in this bright white kitchen | NONAGON.style
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Don’t worry if your backsplash isn’t white because you can still keep it light by choosing a monochromatic color scheme with your kitchenware. Brighten up the area with blue mugs and jars to transform your kitchen space into a refreshing spot to work from.

Get Some Green in the Bathroom

Bring in flow and harmony in the bathroom by placing small pots of plants in the nooks and crannies of your space.

Relaxing white bathroom with bathtub | NONAGON.style

The vibrant greens balance out the cool ceramic bathtub giving it a friendly atmosphere that lets you indulge in a comforting bath worry-free.

Relaxing gray bathroom with white bathtub | NONAGON.style
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Remember to take it easy by placing a small plant by the sink, or your favorite flowers. Hygge is all about stopping to smell the roses. We can use those flowers as a daily reminder to take a pause and enjoy the small things.

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The art of hygge reminds us to be grateful for the little things, and often a nice relaxing time in the bath makes the biggest difference.

Make It Personal

Inject personality in your home by displaying your most memorable moments with friends and family.

Display shelf in this black and white living room | NONAGON.style
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The best way to do that is by putting up photographs around the house as a daily reminder of what a home truly means.

How To Hygge Your Home | NONAGON.style
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Finally, set a calming tone for mindfulness with scented candles. The season of growth and gratitude is here, and you’re ready to hygge your home.


Have you jumped in on the hygge trend yet? Tell us all about it in the comments below. We’ve also covered the steel framed window trend, so go check that out.


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