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What’s the Best Glass for Whisky?

What’s the Best Glass for Whisky?

And how to choose your favorite

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on August 25th 2016
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What’s in your whisky glass? Whisky is having a resurgence in popularity, didn’t you know. For a while the drink may have conjured the image of old men in smoking jackets, or maybe you’re picturing Don Draper in a perfect suit. Put those pictures aside. More people are turning towards whiskies and enjoying them in a myriad of ways, ties be damned.


Alongside the booming market in whisky distilleries, there are plenty of whisky glass companies changing the shape of whisky drinking. Typically whisky can be drunk from any glass, with a preference towards tumblers or something with a tall chimney shape. But this is no longer the case. As the demand for whisky grows so too does the appetite for the perfect whisky glass. This is a short introduction to four glasses designed for optimum enjoyment of ‘the water of life’.

Norlan Whisky Glass | NONAGON.style

Waltzing into the whisky glass world with aplomb, whisky enthusiast and Icelandic designer Sruli Recht was looking for a glass that allowed for whisky appreciation and social engagement. Recht designed a double walled glass with protrusions inside the glass that help the whisky inside to release its flavors. Its rounded shape is also open enough not to cut the drinker off from social activity.

Norlan Whisky Glass | NONAGON.style

After a truly successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2015, the Norlan glasses are now being shipped out to the thousands of backers that helped to get the project over 1000% funded. The glasses are now available through backorder from the Norlan website.

Original and iconic, the tulip shaped Glencairn glasses are a popular glass for whisky appreciation.

Glencairn Crystal designer Raymond Davidson developed the award-winning glass along with the help of Master Blenders from the Scotch Whisky Industry. The shape developed from that of a copita glass, like the sort of shape used for wine or sherry with a long stem and a bowl shape. The stem of the Glencairn glass is robust for easy handling, the round bowl is wide enough for drinkers to appreciate the color and look of the whisky, while the slightly taller rim is good for catching all the aromas and smells.

Denver & Liely whisky glasses | NONAGON.style

Another newcomer to the whisky glass party, the Denver & Liely glass hails from Down Under but has already made an international appearance. Melbourne-based design duo Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner make these hand blown glasses in small batches. Wide and shaped similar to a tumbler, but with that tapered mouth like a snifter, the D&L glass is big enough for cocktails and mixes, but also suitable for whisky aficionados looking to enhance the taste of whisky unadulterated.

NEAT spirit whisky glass that doesn't burn nose | NONAGON.style

With its tagline as The Ultimate Spirits Glass, the NEAT glass is designed to make it easier to enjoy spirits by reducing the nose burn. It has been adopted as the official glass for numerous tasting competitions, and is suitable for other spirits in addition to whisky.


It seems that the glasses are all seeking to improve our whisky drinking experience in one way or another, and allowing the olfactory system a chance to seek out the different scents and fragrances. But if you’re new to whisky, I don’t think you need to worry too much about the right or wrong way to enjoy it.

If you’re interested in giving whisky a go or, if you’re looking to update your home bar, check out our decanter and tumbler glass set giveaway, which runs until September 1st.


What’s your favorite way to drink whisky? Would you be interested in trying out any of these glasses?


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