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What Makes a Good Bath Mat?

What Makes a Good Bath Mat?

Big or small, round or square...?

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on March 5th 2019
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What do you think makes a good bath mat? The bath mat is a hardworking piece of your home that you rarely put much thought into. Consider that the bathroom is one of the trickiest rooms to renovate. Most of it’s hardware with tiles and fixed cabinets that are tricky to change. For those in a rental, you’re stuck with what you’ve got, and for those not yet ready to renovate, what to do? It’s up to textiles and bathroom accessories to give you that much needed boost. Whether stepping out from the bath or the shower, a bath mat is there to save you from slipping on the wet tiles and to soak up the puddles of water you might otherwise leave behind. We’ve looked into bath mat lore to answer the question: what makes a good bath mat?


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First thing to consider for the category of good bath mat is that they should be absorbent. If you hop directly out of the shower or bath without drying off first, you’re likely dripping water around the bathroom and creating puddles, but with an absorbent bath mat you have more. A good bath mat helps save others from damp socks!


Bath mats that are older and thinner will absorb less water. You could also consider a hotel-style bath mat as they are thicker and denser.

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Not Slippery

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One of the most important elements for a good bath mat is making sure that when you step out of the shower or bath, you’re not going to slip and hurt yourself. Having a non-slip bath mat is important but not always as easy as it seems. Check the bottom to see what material is applied underneath, and consider this especially for children’s bathrooms.


If you have a bath mat that does slip, you can always pop into the local hardware store and find yourself a non-slip rubber matting to cut to size and put under your mat. Be aware that bath mats that aren’t absorbent enough could be the issue, with water seeping through to the rubber siding below. Another alternative is to opt for clay-like material diatomite as a bath mat, or could be placed underneath a softer mat to act as an absorption and non-skid pad.

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Dries Quickly

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Having a mat that doesn’t dry is a nightmare. A good bath mat should be hung up as soon as possible, to dry faster. Otherwise you could consider getting two bath mats and rotating them with frequency. Ensure good ventilation in the bathroom, and opt for materials like cotton, which can be used many times without deteriorating, fairly thin and self-dries quickly. Additionally, a cotton bath mat can be machine washed easily.

Keeps Feet Warm

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In winter, stepping out of a warm bath or shower, you are looking to keep as warm as you can before wrapping yourself up into clothes. In these instances, stepping onto the cold tiles of the bathroom floor would be better tempered with a bath mat! Something soft and fluffy till you find your slippers. Large looped bath mats like chenille hold their structure well, and are often thicker and more comfortable underfoot.

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With absorbency, slip-factor, how quickly it dries and acting as a comfortable interlude in an otherwise cold or damp room, we’ve found the four key components to the perfect bath mat. But that all goes by the wayside without good bath mat etiquette!

Bath Mat Etiquette

When we live together with another person, it’s the littlest habits that can make or break the serenity in a relationship. Simple details, like which way round to hand the toilet paper or where to hang the hand towel, can be wildly different depending on your personal preferences. Here are some of our tips for good bath mat etiquette.


  • Keep your towel close to the shower or bath so you can dry yourself off before stepping out onto the mat.
  • Wring out as much water from your hair as possible before stepping onto the bath mat.
  • After you’ve dried off on the mat, leave it to hang so it can dry before the next use.


Do you agree with our suggestions for finding a good bath mat? Let us know if you think we left anything out in the comments below.


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