Mother's Day: What does she really want? |
What Does She Really Want for Mother’s Day?

What Does She Really Want for Mother’s Day?

Eight great gift ideas

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on May 9th 2017
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What does mom want for mother’s day? Well we went straight to the source by asking our readers what they are looking forward to this mother’s day. So if you want to know the best gifts for moms, see our countdown for making this mother’s day the best ever.

8. A Good Night’s Sleep

Being a mom is exhausting, which is why many of our readers told us they want a good night’s rest.

Mother's Day gifts: Boll & Branch organic bedding sets |
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While you might not get the world’s most expensive pillow with a 22.5 carat sapphire, there are plenty of cozy pillows and bed accessories for the best sleep ever. Boll & Branch’s organic bedding sets are one of our top picks for high quality linens guaranteed to make you want to stay in bed past noon.

7. Dinner with Loved Ones

Whether you’re struck with a bout of homesickness or muddling through a bad day, all it takes is a bite of mom’s home cooked specialties to make things better.

Mother's Day gifts: Fitz and Floyd's gold rimmed dinner set |
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This year, return the favor by preparing a lovely dinner in honor of mom’s hard work through the years. Invite all your loved ones to a get-together and make a meal for her. We like this gold rimmed dinner set by Fitz and Floyd for serving your culinary masterpiece to the queen of the family.

6. Pampering

A mother’s job is never done as the saying goes, so a relaxing pampering session is only well-deserved.

Mother's Day gifts: Aromatherapy diffuser by Saje |
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Whether that’s with a trip to the salon, or with some home spa therapy there are countless of ways to de-stress. Set up an aromatherapy diffuser like this one from Saje, and create a soothing atmosphere that lets mom forget all her worries.

Mother's Day gifts: Bedroom aromatherapy diffuser by Saje |
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You can even gift her a set of essential oils she can rotate throughout the week.

5. Stay in Touch

A handwritten letter straight from the heart is sure to bring a smile to her face this mother’s day. Sure there’s no replacing a good chat over breakfast and it’s easy to go online to set up a video call, but imagine her surprise when she finds a thoughtful personalized letter in her mailbox.

Mother's Day gifts: Grandin Road's personalized handheld embosser |
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Keep the correspondence going by giving her a personalized handheld embosser she can use for all her letters like this one from Grandin Road.

4. Health and Fitness Foremost

It’s important to stay fit and healthy but there’s no need to head to a crowded gym for that.

Mother's Day gifts: Peony garden yoga mat |
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Save mommy the trouble by giving her a beautiful peony garden yoga mat she’ll love to use at home. This way, she can exercise at her own time and pace.

3. Flowers and All Things Green

Flowers can bring vibrancy and color to any room so it’s only right to have plenty of space to display those blooms.

Mother's Day gifts: Wall mounted hanging vases by Studio Connection |
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Add some variety to her collection of planters with these wall hanging glass tube vases by Studio Connections for dainty stems. They also make wonderful wall decor with only a nail or a hook needed to set them up.

2. Clean and Clutter Free Home

For moms who love to organize, we have just the perfect gift. Container Store sells these mesh utility wall racks to fit all of mom’s craft supplies and fashion accessories.

Mother's Day gifts: Container Store's Elfa utility door and wall rack |
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They come in a white minimal finish that blends seamlessly with white interiors. By giving her more storage space, you help to maintain a clean and clutter free home she’ll always be proud of.

1. Stress Free Quality Time

When we asked readers what they wanted for mother’s day, the top request was for a stress free day and quality time with loved ones. So put your phones away for one whole day and give mom all the attention she deserves. It is mother’s day, after all, so spoil her with tender love and care.

Mother's Day gifts: Whatever gift you decide on getting, remember pend quality time with mom! |
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What are you planning to get your mom for mother’s day? Let us know in the comments below.


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