Magical Kids Decor Inspired by Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are |
Magical Kids Decor Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

Magical Kids Decor Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

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on June 10th 2016
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One of my favorite books from childhood was Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, and it just so happens that today is the day to celebrate Sendak’s birthday!


As well as writing the story of Max, the boy sent to bed without any supper, Sendak was also the illustrator and created the world of fearsome characters in fantastical surroundings. It’s one of the great accomplishments of the most influential and important children’s book artist of the 20th century, and the tale continues to delight children to this day.


If you too are a wild thing, or know a little someone who would feel quite at home in a Sendak-inspired bedroom, we have compiled a collection of our favorite home decor items to transform your room into the jungle from Max’s adventures.

Wolf slippers for kids |
Max Wore His Wolf Suit

Max fits in with the wild things with his fluffy wolf hair. Try slipping your little one’s toes into these slippers. Made by Babyricket, these indoor shoes are honed from a fuzzy-feeling faux fur, and they look adorable but fierce. Available in adult sizes, too, you know!

Forest canopy bed kids |
A forest grew

For those that dream of forest adventures, but enjoy the comfort of a good night’s sleep, the forest canopy bed by Anthropologie will have you excited for bed time. The boughs are hand forged from iron, making each bed frame unique.

DIY tree trunk side table |
And grew

Bring the forest to your bedroom with this DIY idea from Justine Celina. Looks gorgeous and simple, and could be used as a stool or just the right height for your bedside table. Let us know how it goes! We’d love to see your photos.

Green tree bookcase for the children's room |
Walls became the world all around

Nursery Works have these gorgeous tree-inspired book cases for you to store up to 100 of your best books. It’s a soothing shape, with its organic silhouette.

Kattuska rocking boat kid's rooms |
An ocean tumbled by
Kattuska rocking boat |

Rolling and rollicking on the ocean’s waves, you can bring the fun home for your young one with Kattuska’s rocking boat. It’s 104 centimeters wide, just big enough for two toddlers-and-sailors-in-the-making to enjoy the boat. Also comes with paddles.

Imagine Nation's vintage globe inspired by Where the Wild Things Are |
He sailed of

Wendy Gold’s ImagineNations are these vintage globes that use images from recycled books, to style your bedroom and encourage more voyages. May it drive and encourage you to seek out your next big adventure – will you sail off to find the wild things?

Nesting dolls inspired by Where the Wild Things Are | NONAGONstyle
They roared their terrible roars

These little nesting dolls are hand painted by the Whimsical Sweet. Taking a twist on the traditional Russian doll, these wild things have gobbled each other up and tucked in the center you’ll find the king of the monsters: Max himself! Each doll is gorgeously hand painted with incredible attention to detail.

Crown ceiling light by Shades of Light |
King of all wild things

Allow this gold-finish lamp from Shades of Light to be the crowning decoration in your bedroom. The pointy coronet light would be great for kings, queens and wild things! Adds charm to your room.

Play Teepee Tent from Etsy |
Let the wild rumpus start!

Two steps up from a blanket fort, these teepees from Moozle Teepee can be styled different ways, but feature a structured base system for stability. Endless fun to be had, and much rumpus!


What books inspire you? Do you have a room designed around your favorite stories? Let us know!


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